Two Weeks Notice Letter Template

Two Weeks Notice Letter Template

What Is a Two Weeks Notice Letter?

A Two Weeks Notice Letter (often spelled as "Two-Week Notice Letter") is a brief statement prepared by the employee who wants to quit their job and needs to warn the employer about it in advance. No matter what reason the employee has to leave their position and no matter what relationship they have with the employer - most employment agreements require the employee to compose a letter that will let them declare their plans to quit, transfer the duties to a different employee or new hire, and end the relationship with the employer.

A simple Two Weeks Notice Letter should greet the recipient, identify the employee, explicitly state the latter's wish to step down from their job, express your gratitude to the employer for the chance to work for them and grow as a person and professional, and contain the contact details of the employee. Attach your notice to a Resignation Letter - a short statement that confirms your desire to leave the position. If, instead, your intention is to quit your job and not look for alternative employment, consider preparing a Retirement Letter.


How to Write a Two-Week Notice Letter?

A simple Two-Week Notice Letter should be written in a cordial manner. It should be polite, tactful, and short, and the employee should try to keep it no longer than one page. This document is not the place to express emotions or give specific reasons for leaving. A two-week notice letter format can include several parts, such as:

  1. Introduction. In the first part of the document, the employee can state their name and contact information, which includes their full current address, telephone number, and email. This information can be used for identification and notifying purposes. In this part, the employee can also state whom they are addressing, including the name of the company where they work, its address, name of their supervisor, or HR manager. It depends on who is in charge of resignment questions in the company.
  2. Announcement. Here the employee expresses their intention to leave their position. They should state their last working day in the company, which should be two weeks from the date when they submit the letter.
  3. Current Projects. Employees can use this part to designate who they will transfer their responsibilities to, which of their current projects they will be able to finish within two weeks, and which should be given to other employees.
  4. Replacement. If the employee would like to help with training their replacement, they should state it in the letter as well. Offering assistance during the transition period can help save good relationships with their employer, which can be convenient if they work together in the future.
  5. Contact Information. In case the employer will need to contact their employee after they have left, the employee should provide their contact information on how they can be reached. If they have provided it earlier in the letter, then they can just mention that information can be used to contact them.
  6. Conclusion. Usually, employees use this part to thank their employer for their guidance, opportunities to grow and learn. They can also wish their employer continued success and future business development.
  7. Signature. In the end, the employee should sign the document. It is needed to confirm that the document is valid and express the employee's true intention to quit their job.

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