Board Resignation Letter Template

Board Resignation Letter Template

What Is a Board Resignation Letter?

A Board Resignation Letter is a formal document prepared by the board member who wants to notify other board members about leaving the organization.

Alternate Names:

  • Board of Directors' Resignation Letter;
  • Board Member Resignation Letter.

Download a printable Board Resignation Letter template through the link below. Whether this is a temporary solution or a permanent decision, whether the board member was forced to act this way due to extenuating circumstances or they are going to retire from business, you need to inform the director of the board and other members about the exact time of your resignation and sort out issues that may be up in the air at the time of your departure.


How to Write a Board Resignation Letter?

Completing the letter is a straightforward process that should not take too long. A Board Resignation Letter Template can contain parts, which include the following:

  1. Information about the chairperson. In the first part of the document, the sender can state who they are addressing. Usually, the letter is supposed to be sent to the chairperson and board members, or just to the chairperson. To do so, the sender should designate the name of the chairperson, their address, and the name of the board.
  2. Information about the resigning member. Here, the sender can indicate their personal information, which can include their full name, address, and contact details in case the chairperson will have any questions concerning the matter.
  3. Date. The sender should indicate the date when the letter was written and sent to the chairperson (and board members). A formal written notice should always contain a date when it was completed.
  4. Information about the resignment. Senders can use this part of the letter to notify the chairperson that they have decided to resign from the board. They should also state the effective date of their resignation and provide the reasons why they decided to quit. Providing reasons is not obligatory but it will help to end the relationship on good terms.
  5. Conclusion. At the end of the letter, the sender can thank the chairperson and the board members for giving them a chance to work with their team, and share some exclusive moments that they enjoyed the most. They can also offer to provide assistance to the board until they find a replacement.
  6. Signature. To state that the letter was written under their own free will and that everything stated in the letter is true and correct, the sender should sign it.

A Board Member Resignation Letter should be written in a cordial manner. The sender should be polite, tactful, and offer assistance if needed. Before submitting the letter the sender should check with the board's guidelines and make sure the document is completed in accordance with them.

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