Apology Letter Templates and Samples

What Is an Apology Letter?

An Apology Letter is a written statement sent to the individual with the intention to admit the error or offense that hurt them and show regret for your attitude and failures. Although it is possible to call the person or meet them privately to admit your wrongdoings, a Letter of Apology has its advantages - you allow the offended individual to know your point of view on the matter and they will have time to reflect on the issue and respond when convenient. Additionally, usual means of communication may not be available to you, so a letter sent via traditional mail or email may be your last chance to make amends.

Apology Letter Types

Browse the most common Apology Letters - you can fill out an Apology Letter template to suit your particular needs, whether you have to apologize to your close friend, spouse, or client.

  1. Generic Apology Letter. This is a generic document you can send to your relative, friend, or acquaintance you have offended. Additionally, you can compose a formal Apology Letter for your boss, subordinate, or colleague if you have encountered an issue during the work process and you need to apologize for your mistakes or inappropriate behavior.
  2. Apology Love Letter. Prepare a thoughtful letter for the person you love if you have hurt them - your husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend will appreciate the gesture and give you another chance to prove your reliability and loyalty.
  3. Customer Service Apology Letter, also known as an Apology Letter to Customers, is completed on behalf of the business that inconvenienced their client - maybe, you failed to deliver goods on time or a representative of your company was rude to the customer. This document is usually accompanied by an incentive or special offer the client can benefit from.

Why Write an Apology Letter?

Here is why you should consider writing a sincere Apology Letter:

  • You feel shame because of your action or inaction that had a direct negative influence on other people, especially if you care about these people personally, so you want to admit your mistake;
  • You need to show the injured party that you were at fault and they have the right to be upset or angry at you since they did nothing wrong;
  • You wish to repair the relationship that has been undermined or destroyed completely by your words or deeds;
  • You have to promise you will not repeat the things you said or did - this will let the recipient of the letter know that in the future you will make every effort to keep them happy.

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The purpose of this type of letter is to express regret about a situation that occurred and ask a boyfriend for forgiveness.

The purpose of this type of document is to express remorse about something you have done or said and ask your girlfriend to reconcile.

A credit borrower may prepare this type of letter and send it to a creditor if the former needs to remove negative entries from their credit history.

This letter acts as a personal statement prepared by a person who has committed an offense or is responsible for a certain failure and wants to acknowledge their fault before the individual they have hurt with their action or inaction.

An Apology Love Letter is a personal statement prepared for a spouse or partner to admit to a mistake or wrongdoing that has caused them pain and promise to avoid similar issues in the future.


This type of letter can be used when a company representative feels that a customer has been provided with poor service and would like to apologize to the customer.


Individuals may use this type of letter when they want to try to remove late payments from their credit history.

This is a formal document that confirms the promise of one party, an individual or an entity, not to sue another party that may be potentially considered liable.

This type of letter can be used to outline an Apology Letter you would like to give to a friend.

When you have made a serious mistake or acted inappropriately on the job, writing this type of letter can be used to help make amends with your boss.

Irrespective of your position in court, if there has been unsuitable behavior from your end, you will need to formally apologize to the judge using a letter such as this as a template.

The purpose of this type of letter is to express apologies to an individual's husband and to ask them for forgiveness.

This type of letter can be used as a template when writing an Apology Letter to your mother.

This type of letter is a written acknowledgment of the wrong actions composed by a student and sent or given in person to the teacher that was affected by the hurtful behavior.


This type of letter is used when you have made a mistake and want to make amends and apologize to your wife.

This is a written document that can be used by individuals who would like to formally acknowledge that they have made a mistake and ask the recipient of the letter for forgiveness.

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