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What Is a Letter of Support?

A Letter of Support is a document that can be used to support an individual or an entity due to the reasons stated in the letter. The purpose of the document is to vouch on behalf of the individual (or the entity) and to validate that the sender of the letter is willing to provide them the help they need.

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A Support Letter can be used as an attachment to different types of applications, as well as on its own. Generally, the document is supposed to provide a recommendation or a verified promise of financial support (or another type of assistance) that will be given to an individual or an entity.

Letter of Support Types

Writing a Letter of Support for someone can be overwhelming, especially for those individuals who have never done it before. The templates described below can help the sender choose which letter will fit their situation best.

  • Letter of Financial Support. This type of document verifies that the financial support will be provided for an individual or for certain goals indicated in the letter. The sender can attach to the letter documents that will prove their financial capabilities;
  • Child Support Letter. When a parent (or a legal guardian) is mandated to pay child support, they can use this letter to address the other parent (or other legal guardians) and attach a monthly check to it;
  • Letter of Support for Grant. This letter can be used in connection with a grant application. In this type of Support Letter, the sender can vouch to support the grant applicant, help them with the project they plan to use the grant for, or to give testimonials in their honor;
  • Immigration Letter of Support. This document is supposed to accompany an application for immigration and can include a recommendation written on behalf of the applicant.

How to Write a Letter of Support?

While writing a Letter of Support, the sender should not forget to include all of the necessary information that must be provided in the letter. Otherwise, the document might not have any effect on those who are supposed to and the situation or end up being ignored. A letter of support template can contain parts such as:

  1. The Addressee. In the first part of the document, the sender can designate the identifying information of the individual or entity that is supposed to receive the letter by stating their name and location. If the sender does not have such kind of information, they can address it to whom it may concern.
  2. Introduction. Senders can use this part of the document to state the subject of the letter. Here, they can introduce themselves, name the individual or an entity that they provide support or recommendation to, and describe their relations with them. For example, if writing a Child Support Letter, the sender can state their name, the name of the individual who is supposed to receive child support, and refer to the court decision that has mandated them to pay child support.
  3. The Subject. Here, the sender can make their statement of support. The exact content of this part of the letter will be determined by the purpose of the letter. For example, if it is a Letter of Support for a Grant the sender can explain why they recommend the applicant for the grant and what kind of assistance they are ready to provide for them.
  4. Contact Details. In case the receiver of this document will have any questions or would like to request additional information, the sender should include their contact details in the letter. It can consist of their email, telephone number, and postal address.
  5. Conclusion. The sender can use this part to sign the document and state their name. If the letter is written by the sender who is representing an entity they should designate the name of the entity (from the name of which they are writing). They can also include the name of the position they hold in the entity.

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