What Is a Letter of Recommendation for Immigration? 

A Letter of Recommendation for Immigration is a formal statement prepared by the individual who knows the potential immigrant well enough to describe their personal traits or work experience to help the latter obtain the status of the immigrant and settle down in the country of their choice. One or several recommendations drafted by people who have studied, worked, or lived with the future immigrant will support their application, prove their trustworthiness, and speed up the decision-making process regarding the person's relocation to another country.

Alternate Name:

  • Reference Letter for Immigration.

To compose an effective Letter of Recommendation for Immigration, you need to identify yourself and clarify how and when you met the person you are describing in writing, indicate their professional experience and personality traits that distinguish them from other people you know, refer to relevant documentation if it is necessary for the employment-based immigration, list positive implications of their immigration and the adverse impact an application denial will have on you, your family and community. You can share stories and reminisce on the past you have shared together while expressing hope for the prompt reunion.

Letter of Recommendation for Immigration Types

  1. Generic Letter of Recommendation for Immigration. This is a generic template you should use to outline the background of the prospective immigrant, explain the circumstances under which you have met the individual in question, and record their personal and professional qualities that make them an ideal candidate for immigration.
  2. Sample Immigration Letter of Recommendation for a Friend. If your friend is unable to get a recommendation from their relatives, you can help them whether you have been neighbors, worked, or studied together. It is up to you to provide a positive characteristic of the person who wants to immigrate - explain your personal reasons for helping them with their immigration application.
  3. Sample Immigration Letter of Recommendation for Family. Typically filled out by the family member who already lives in the destination country, this document can list several people who will immigrate and even reside together. 

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"Letter of Recommendation for Immigration Template"

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This is a formal statement prepared by an individual who knows the potential immigrant well enough to provide a character reference for them.

Sample "Immigration Letter of Recommendation for Family"

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2 pages

This kind of letter verifies the identity of all relatives listed in the visa application and confirms their eligibility to immigrate and build a new life with the family member already settled in the country.

Sample "Immigration Letter of Recommendation for a Friend"

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The purpose of this document is to provide an immigration judge (or another representative of immigration authorities) with information about an applying individual and to fully characterize them.