Debt Dispute Letter Templates and Samples

What Is a Debt Dispute Letter?

A Debt Dispute Letter is a written statement composed by an individual who believes a creditor or debt collection agency has made a mistake and attributed a wrong amount of debt to them or mistook them for another borrower.

Alternate Name:

  • Debt Collection Dispute Letter.

If you have received a call or written notice from your financial institution or someone you do not even know demanding to pay a debt yet you believe you do not owe any money or the amount the other party has indicated is incorrect, it is your right to request more information about the debt before paying. Often, an individual is bothered by the collection agency that demands unreasonable payment not even knowing the debt does not exist - protect your rights with a Letter to Dispute Debt.

Debt Dispute Letter Types

  1. Generic Debt Dispute Letter. Fill out this document to request more details about the debt from the records of the creditor or collection agency, ask them not to share any of these particulars with credit reporting agencies until the issue is resolved, and demand to delete the debt from your credit history if you know you have dealt with your financial obligations already.
  2. Sample Debt Dispute Letter. This sample letter can be used as a reference - greet the debt collector, introduce yourself, confirm you are disputing the debt they informed you about, ask them to send you copies of documentation that proves you actually owe money or ask them to stop harassing you as the last warning before you file a lawsuit.

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This is a written or typed letter that any individual can prepare when they have received a letter from a creditor or debt collector if they do not believe they owe any money or the amount of the debt indicated in the notice is not accurate.

This is a formal document composed by an individual who was informed about the existence of a debt in their name and wants to request details about the alleged debt.

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