Debt Collection Templates

Are you having trouble collecting a debt? Need guidance on how to effectively collect debts from individuals or businesses? Look no further! Our comprehensive collection of documents is here to help you navigate the complex world of debt collection.

Whether you are a creditor, employer, or landlord, our wide range of resources has got you covered. From legal forms to templates, our debt collection documents will provide you with the tools you need to ensure a smooth and successful debt recovery process.

Looking for a standardized form to request the assistance of an employer in collecting a debt? Our debt collection templates have got you covered. Whether you're in Illinois, Wisconsin, or any other state, you'll find the appropriate form to submit to the debtor's employer.

Are you dealing with paid collections that are still tarnishing your credit report? Our sample goodwill letter will guide you through the process of requesting the removal of these collections from your credit history. Take control of your credit and improve your financial standing with our helpful resources.

For those in Ontario, Canada, seeking to end a tenancy and collect money owed, our instructions for Form L2 will provide you with step-by-step guidance on how to proceed. Rest assured that our documents are tailored to the specific laws and regulations of each jurisdiction, ensuring compliance and accuracy.

Additionally, if you're in Texas and looking to enforce a judgment, our Abstract of Judgment will assist you in recording your rightful claim against the debtor's property. Let us help you navigate the intricacies of the legal system and secure the funds you are owed.

Don't let outstanding debts weigh you down. Take advantage of our debt collection documents and turn your financial situation around. With our extensive collection of resources, you'll have the tools and knowledge to efficiently collect debts and protect your assets.




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This document is a template for creating an overdue accounts report spreadsheet. It helps track and manage account receivables that are overdue.

This document is a template for creating a debt collection report. It helps individuals or businesses organize and summarize their debt collection activities.

This form is used for notifying the parties involved of the renewal of a judgment in the state of Oklahoma. It provides information about the renewed judgment and any necessary steps to be taken.

This document is used for notifying individuals of a scheduled garnishment hearing in Ontario, Canada. It is a legal form that informs the individual about the hearing and provides details regarding the garnishment process.

This form is used for initiating the process of seizing and selling land in Ontario, Canada. It is commonly used in cases where the property owner has outstanding debts or legal obligations that need to be satisfied. The form provides a legal framework for auctioning off the property to repay the debts. It outlines the necessary details and steps to carry out the seizure and sale.

This document helps you keep track of your debt collector interactions and payments. It is a useful tool for managing your debts and ensuring that you are staying on top of your financial obligations.

This document is used for calculating garnishment amounts by Velo Law Office.

This form is used for providing a notice of judgment of foreclosure in Michigan. It is a legal document that informs the parties involved about the foreclosure judgment.

This Form is used for requesting a review of doubtful debts in Oregon. It is available in both English and Spanish.

This document is a summons sent to a debtor in an involuntary bankruptcy case. It notifies the debtor that they are being sued by their creditors and must appear in court.

This form is used for requesting the United States Marshal to enforce a judgment by levying the debtor's property and collecting the amount owed.

This Form is used for filing a Proof of Claim in a bankruptcy case. It provides instructions on how to properly fill out and submit the form to assert a creditor's right to payment from the debtor.

This form is used for giving notice of the levy and sale of property and also informing the recipient of their right to claim exemptions in the state of Alaska.

This form is used for filing an affidavit to request a writ of non-wage garnishment in the state of Kentucky.

This form is used for obtaining information about a debtor's assets in the state of Illinois.

This form is used for issuing a citation to discover assets to a debtor's employer in the state of Illinois. It allows creditors to request information about the debtor's employment and potential sources of income to satisfy a debt.

This document is used for enforcing a court judgment in Kansas by allowing the seizure and sale of property or assets owned by the judgment debtor.

This document is used to request garnishment of wages or assets in the state of Kansas. It is often used in legal proceedings to collect unpaid debts.

This document is used in Michigan to file objections to garnishment and schedule a hearing. It allows individuals to contest a garnishment order and have a chance to present their case at a hearing.

This document is used to indicate the satisfaction of a judgment in the state of Minnesota. It signifies that the judgment has been paid or otherwise resolved.

This form is used for a Writ of Continuing Garnishment in Yukon, Canada. It is available in both English and French.

This Form is used for conducting collections standard questionnaires in Ontario, Canada. It is designed to gather information for assessing compliance with collections standards.

This form is used for initiating the legal process of seizing and selling property in British Columbia, Canada. It is used when a judgment creditor wants to enforce a judgment by seizing and selling the debtor's property to satisfy the debt.

This form is used for wage execution in the state of New Jersey. It is an appendix to form 11471 and is used to enforce payment of outstanding debts by deducting wages.

This type of document is a summons and notice of levy used in North Carolina to notify a third party (garnishee) about an individual's outstanding debt and initiate the garnishment process.

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