Oklahoma Court Forms and Templates

Oklahoma Court Forms are a collection of standardized documents that are used in the Oklahoma court system. These forms are designed to assist individuals involved in legal proceedings in Oklahoma courts to properly file and process various types of legal documents. The forms cover a range of legal matters, including civil and criminal cases, family law issues, landlord-tenant disputes, and more. They provide a template and structure for individuals to fill out and submit relevant information to the court accurately and in accordance with legal procedures. The use of these forms helps to ensure that the necessary information is provided and that the court receives all the required documentation for proper legal proceedings.




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This form is used for requesting a full or partial release of judgment liens by a judgment creditor in Oklahoma.

This form is used for claiming exemption and requesting a hearing in the state of Oklahoma. It allows individuals to contest certain actions or decisions by providing an explanation and supporting documentation for their claim.

This document is used in Oklahoma when a joint tenant passes away to transfer their ownership rights to the surviving joint tenant.


This form is used for notifying the parties involved of the renewal of a judgment in the state of Oklahoma. It provides information about the renewed judgment and any necessary steps to be taken.

This form is used for requesting payment of charges for health or rehabilitation services or filing an appeal of a court administrator order in Oklahoma.

This form is used for requesting information or prior claims regarding insurance claims in the state of Oklahoma.

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