Debt Validation Letter Templates and Samples

What Is a Debt Validation Letter?

A Debt Validation Letter is a typed or handwritten document prepared by an individual who was informed about an alleged debt and wants to find out whether they really owe any money to the creditor or debt collection agency that called or wrote a letter to them.

Alternate Names:

  • Letter of Debt Validation;
  • Validation of Debt Letter.

If your bank or someone you do not even know has reached out to you and demanded to pay them money yet you know you are not in debt or the amount they specified was wrong, you have a right to know more about the debt they talk about and request them to update their records to clear your credit history.

Debt Validation Letter Types

  1. Generic Debt Validation Letter. You may customize this document to inquire about the debt you were informed about - greet the debt collector that has reached out to you, identify yourself and confirm you were contacted about the debt, request the recipient to clarify the details of the debt if you believe the amount is not correct or you do not owe any money in the first place, demand the letter reader to update all financial institutions on the accurate amount of debt or its absence, and ask them to call or write to you if they are able to provide you with more information;
  2. Sample Debt Validation Letter. Use this template for reference when composing a reply to a creditor or collection agency that has notified you about the alleged debt. In case you, your family, or colleagues were harassed by the debt collector over the phone or in-person due to the latter's claim about a debt, you can demand them to stop these actions and even threaten to file a lawsuit;
  3. Sample Debt Validation Letter to Credit Bureaus. If you got a notice from a credit bureau about the necessity to pay the debt but you doubt whether this debt is even real, you can ask the bureau representative to verify their credentials and provide you with more details about the existing debt.

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An individual or entity may prepare this type of letter and send it to a financial institution that has notified them about a debt to find out whether this debt is legitimate.

A debtor or their representative may prepare this letter with the intention of finding out whether their debt is real, to request information about an existing debt, and to warn the credit bureau that handles the debt to cease their harassing behavior if necessary.

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