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Are you a separated or divorced parent seeking to establish legal rights and responsibilities regarding your child? Look no further! Our comprehensive collection of documents, also known as Other Parent or Other Parent's Documents, will help you navigate through the legal process smoothly and efficiently.

Our wide range of documents includes Form FL-663 T Stipulation and Order for Joinder of Other Parent (Governmental) - California (Tagalog), Form NA845 Notice of Action - Sanction and Removal of the Other Parent's Needs - California, Form E Name Change of a Minor by One Parent With the Notarized Consent of the Other Parent - Hawaii, Form F Name Change of Parent and Minor Children With the Notarized Consent of the Other Parent - Hawaii, and Minor Child Name Change Without Consent of Other Parent - Indiana.

These documents address various legal needs and situations, such as joint custody agreements, child support modifications, and name changes with or without the consent of the other parent. Regardless of your specific circumstances, our Other Parent documents are designed to simplify the documentation process and ensure compliance with state laws.

By utilizing our collection of Other Parent documents, you can save time, money, and potential headaches associated with complex legal procedures. Our user-friendly forms and detailed instructions will guide you through each step, empowering you to protect your rights and make decisions in the best interest of your child.

Don't let the legal complexities of being an Other Parent overwhelm you. Take advantage of our comprehensive collection of documents to ensure a smoother and more streamlined legal process. Start your journey today and access the documents you need to establish your rights as an Other Parent.




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This Form is used for providing notice to the other parent in California about important information regarding child support and custody arrangements.

This form is used for an ex parte motion by the local child support agency in California. It also includes a declaration for the joinder of the other parent in the case.

This form is used for notifying a parent about sanctions imposed on them after they failed to comply with a previously agreed-upon plan in California.

This document is for parents in Indiana who want to change the name of their minor child without the consent of the other parent.

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