Marriage Forms and Templates

Marriage forms are legal documents that pertain to the process of getting married. They are used to record and establish the legal union between two individuals. These forms may include application forms, affidavits, marriage licenses, and certificates, among others. They are typically required by government authorities and are filled out by individuals who are planning to get married, as well as by officiants who perform the marriage ceremony. Marriage forms help ensure that the marriage is legally recognized and provide a record of the union.




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This document is a template for an Islamic Marriage Contract. It outlines the terms and conditions of the marriage agreement according to Islamic traditions.

This form is used for adults in Vermont who want to legally change their name. It is a petition that must be completed and filed with the court.


This document is for residents of New Hampshire who want to legally change their name. The form NHJB-2175-FPE is used to petition the court for this name change.

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