Supreme Court of Florida Forms

The Supreme Court of Florida is the highest court in the state of Florida. Its primary function is to interpret and apply the laws of Florida, including the state constitution. It serves as the final appellate court for all civil and criminal cases within the state. The Supreme Court of Florida also has authority over matters such as attorney discipline, rules of court procedure, and the regulation of the legal profession in the state.




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This form is used for requesting scientific paternity testing in the state of Florida. It is used when someone wants to establish or contest paternity through genetic testing.

This document is used for creating an agreement for temporary custody of a child when a parent is being deployed in Florida.

This form is used for agreeing to terminate an order granting temporary custodial responsibility during a deployment in the state of Florida.

This document is used in Florida for obtaining a court order for temporary support and other relief when there are no dependent or minor children involved.

This type of document is used for verifying trainees of certified mediation training programs in Florida. It ensures that individuals have completed the necessary training to become certified mediators.

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