Letter of Support for Grant Template

Letter of Support for Grant Template

What Is a Letter of Support for Grant?

A Letter of Support for a Grant is a typed or handwritten document prepared by an individual or organization looking to obtain financial support of a donor for their project - most often, scientific research and development. You can download a printable Letter of Support for a Grant template through the link below.

Alternate Names:

  • Grant Letter of Support;
  • Grant Support Letter.

To compose an effective letter that will definitely catch the attention of the prospective donor, you should greet the recipient by their name, explain who you are and what kind of work you do, refer to your financial struggles or inability to finance a certain cause or project, politely request them to make a contribution of their choice to help you continue your valiant efforts, and add your bank account details so that the reader can send you money right away.


How to Write a Letter of Support for a Grant?

Follow these steps to compose a Grant Letter of Support:

  1. Start with a proper salutation - you may write to the organization or department, but it is better to address the letter to a specific person and show you have done your research.
  2. Introduce yourself and indicate the reason for writing a Letter of Support for a Grant - you require financial support in the form of a grant for a charitable cause, scientific project, or some other venture. It is recommended to elaborate on why you decided to write to this particular person or organization - maybe you have seen the results of their work and are aware of grants given to similar projects.
  3. Explain what kind of work you do and why do you need a grant at this moment in time. You should record your previous accomplishments and successes and name resources and people that have made them possible. List characteristics that distinguish your endeavors from similar projects and persuade the reader they should support your grant application - you are willing to develop new technology, give back to the local community, and collaborate with other businesses and corporations, including the one that provides you with a grant, especially in the early stages of your project.
  4. If you have particular plans for the future and need a specific amount of money you need to raise, add this information in the letter to speed up the process of obtaining a grant - the recipient may be more willing to help you if you have stated how many funds you require.
  5. Keep your statement short - you need to demonstrate the values of your project in the additional documentation - plans, diagrams, spreadsheets, graphics. Think of this document as an accompanying note that introduces your ideas but does not cover everything you have to say - the majority of the information should be shared via the attached files.
  6. Thank the reader for their attention, express hope that your project or cause will be chosen for a grant, and provide your contact information to receive feedback from the addressee. Date and sign the letter. You may send it via traditional mail; however, it might be better to send multiple emails to different foundations and nonprofits that, in your estimation, may be interested in what you can offer.

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