Mission Trip Support Letter Template

Mission Trip Support Letter Template

A Mission Trip Support Letter is a document that can be used when an individual would like to request help for their mission trip. The purpose of the document is to ask prospective donors to make a contribution to support your mission trip during which you will be helping a particular community that needs it.

Generally, this type of letter is prepared by individuals who plan to go on a mission trip through a particular church that wants to spread their religious message. A Mission Trip Support Letter template can be downloaded below.

You can send this letter to individuals, entities, those who have donated in the past, and potential contributors that might be interested in supporting a good cause like helping communities and sharing religious beliefs.


How to Write a Support Letter for a Mission Trip?

When you write your support letter for a mission trip, you should know that there are no particular requirements to its content. As long as the receiver of the letter finds the purpose of your trip appealing to them and shares your view, they are more likely to donate to you. therefore, your letter can include the following parts:

  1. Information About the Addressee. You can begin your letter by stating the receiver of your letter and designating their name and their address.
  2. Information About the Sender. Here, you can provide your name and your address. It can be useful if your addressee would like to contact you in regards to the matter stated in your letter.
  3. Introduction. In this part of the Mission Trip Letter of Support, you can greet the recipient of the letter and state the reason for writing. You can do it by introducing yourself and indicating the name of the church through which you plan to do the trip, the place where you are going, and other details.
  4. Mission Trip Description. To make sure the potential contributor will understand the significance of the trip you can describe the activities you plan to do there. Generally, during such kinds of trips, individuals build houses, fix infrastructure, and perform other tasks that will help different communities to develop and prosper. Additionally, you can talk about what this trip means to you and why you are looking forward to helping people. Do not forget to mention that one of the main reasons why you plan to go on that trip is to share the religious message that your church is spreading, therefore, it will help to unite different communities under the same values.
  5. Donation Request Details. After describing your mission to the potential donor you can explain that in order to go on that trip you need to raise a certain amount of money before a particular date. To make it more convenient for the prospective contributor, you can list the ways how the donation can be made: by check, by cash, or online, and relevant details.
  6. Conclusion. At the end of your letter, you can thank the potential donor for any support in advance and provide them with information on how they can follow your mission.

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