Sample Letter of Financial Support

Sample Letter of Financial Support

When an individual or organization may require outside financial support to secure a loan from a lender, a Letter of Financial Support can show a lender that they will be guaranteed that the loan will be repaid. This letter can be used by students applying for financial aid or a small business or organization seeking a business loan.

Alternate Name:

  • Financial Support Letter.

It will also need to have financial documentation attached as proof that the lender will be repaid in full. Be aware, this letter will serve as a legally binding document once signed. A Sample Letter of Financial Support can be found through the link below.

To write a Letter of Financial Support, include the following information:

  1. Today's date and an opening salutation.
  2. The name and address of the lender.
  3. Introduce yourself and explain that you are acting as the financial support behind the person or organization seeking the loan and the amount of the loan in question.
  4. Tell the reader you are confident you can repay the loan if needed, and tell them you are providing at least one year of financial documentation to support your claim.
  5. End with a closing salutation and signatures for both the loan applicant and financial support backer.

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