Letter of Financial Support Templates and Samples

What Is a Letter of Financial Support?

When a person is applying for college, submitting an application for an apartment, buying a car, or any other activity that will require a large down payment and additional future payments, they will need to provide proof that the payments can be met. When a person is unable to do this on their own and will require the financial support of another individual, they will need to submit a Letter of Financial Support to show they will have someone financially backing their endeavor.

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This letter will show the entity receiving the payments that they can expect timely payments will be met and if the person signing the application or purchase is unable to cover all the payments necessary, you will be able to fulfill any outstanding financial obligations.

Letter of Financial Support Types

  1. Generic Letter of Financial Support. Fill out this template to confirm you will be providing your relative or friend with financial support during their travels or temporary stay in the country you both are going to live in. You need to state the approximate cost of their upcoming stay and attach documentation that proves your strong financial position.
  2. Sample Letter of Financial Support. Use this document as a reference to draft a note for the individual who will require your funds for travels or studies. It is possible to submit this letter alongside bank statements that verify your ability to pay.
  3. Sample Letter of Financial Support for Visa. Whether you are traveling, moving somewhere temporarily to work or study, or planning to immigrate on a permanent basis, this document should be prepared by the person or company that funds your travel or is willing to sponsor you in case of financial hardship.

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This sample letter can be used by students filing for financial aid or a small business seeking to acquire a business loan.

The purpose of this letter is to inform a visa officer about a sponsor and the financial support they will provide to a visa applicant.

A Financial Support Letter is a common attachment to most Visa Applications and College Applications.


The purpose of this type of sample letter is to provide financial information about an individual and support their enrollment application for the Medicaid program.

The purpose of this type of letter is to ask prospective donors to make a contribution to support your mission trip during which you will be helping a particular community that is in need of help.

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