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What Is a Letter of Inquiry? 

A Letter of Inquiry is a written statement used in a variety of situations to ask the letter reader to share information unknown to the sender. To make sure you get a reply you need to ask well-defined questions and demonstrate a genuine interest in the topic that unites you and the addressee - for example, you can ask additional questions about a job vacancy before applying for a certain position. 

Writing a Letter of Inquiry should not take long - be concise and polite, greet the recipient and introduce yourself, state the reason for composing a note - maybe, you are looking for specific details you could not find on the company's website or wondering whether the reader will be prepared to offer funding to your educational or clinical research, add your contact information, and tell the recipient to reach out to you as soon as they can especially if the matter is urgent. 

Letters of Inquiry Types 

  1. Generic Letter of Inquiry. This generic template will help you to save time when requesting details about a job opportunity, reaching out to a potential business partner to know more about their company, or asking for feedback from a person or entity.
  2. Sample Letter of Inquiry. Although there is no universal Letter of Inquiry format applicable to every situation you may find yourself in, you can use this letter for reference when asking any question or requesting information - for instance, you may use this document to contact a hiring manager of the company that interviewed you to ask whether you will be given a chance to work for them in the future.
  3. Sample Letter of Inquiry for Grant Funding. If you believe a non-profit organization, business, or a wealthy individual may be willing to fund your project, consider composing this letter to ask them to provide you with financial support. 

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"Letter of Inquiry Template"

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Use this printable template to request the recipient of the letter to send you certain specific information.

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Sample "Letter of Inquiry"

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Use this sample template when drafting a letter to request a certain type of information from an individual or an entity.

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Sample "Letter of Inquiry for Grant Funding"

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An individual or entity may use this type of letter would like to request funding for a project they are working on or have a vested interest in.

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