Sample Letter of Inquiry

Sample Letter of Inquiry

A Letter of Inquiry is a document that can be used when an individual would like to request a certain type of information from an individual or an entity. The purpose of the document is to gain specific information from the receiver of the letter. This kind of letter can be used for various types of inquires, such as a request for information about interview results, product description, service details, etc. A Letter of Inquiry Sample can be found through the link below.

Despite the fact that there a lot of different Inquiry Letter types, they all follow a certain structure which is described below:

  1. Sender and Addressee. The names and postal addresses of the sender and the receiver of the letter are necessary information that is required for most types of letters.
  2. Date. The date when the letter was prepared is needed to verify that its content is current and up to date.
  3. Introduction. Here you can explain the reasons why you are writing and what the inquiry is dedicated to.
  4. Information Request. You can use this section to formulate your request and explain what kind of information you are expecting to receive (a date, a description, an email, a call, etc.).
  5. Conclusion. At the end of the document, you can express your hope to hear from the addressee soon.

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