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What Is a Notification Letter?

A Notification Letter is a document that individuals and entities can use when they want to inform the addressee of important information. The purpose of the letter is to inform the addressee about an event, an accident, or any other occasion that has taken place recently or is about to take place.

Check out our PDF library below for more Notification Letter templates. The document can be used in various situations. Generally, it is used by parties that are involved in a Business Agreement and are obligated by contract to inform each other about different changes.

Types of Notification Letters

Even though there are many types of Notification Letters some of them are used more often than others. If a sender does not know what kind of letter will be most suitable they can look through the descriptions below.

  1. Notification Letter. This is a type of letter which is suitable for the majority of situations when an individual or an entity is supposed to give the addressee an official notification about an event that has recently occurred or will occur in the near future;
  2. Data Breach Notification Letter. Entities can use this document when they want to warn the addressee that a data security breach has happened and there is a chance that the personal information of the addressee has been involved in this breach;
  3. Death Notification Letter. When somebody passes away, their relatives can use this letter to inform different individuals and entities about it and to ask them to add a death notice to their files and accounts.

How to Write a Notification Letter?

The proper Notification Letter format includes the following parts:

  1. The Addressee. To make sure the letter will reach the right hands, the sender should designate the name and the address of the addressee.
  2. Introduction. In the first part of the document, the sender can greet the addressee, introduce themselves, and state on behalf of which company they are contacting the addressee.
  3. The Basis for the Relationship. Senders can use this part to remind the addressee about the origin of their professional relationship. They can indicate the number and date of the contract that they have signed, the subject of the agreement they are involved in, or any other information that defines their relationship.
  4. The Description of the Event. Here the sender can describe the occasion which happened to be the reason for writing this notification. It should be depicted with great detail and provide the addressee with an extended amount of information that would answer all their potential inquires.
  5. Contact Information. In case the addressee will have any questions concerning the subject or would like to request additional documents, the sender can include their contact details in the letter. The details can consist of the sender’s telephone number and email.
  6. Conclusion. At the end of the letter, the sender can thank the addressee for their time, sign, and date the document.

The sender can attach additional documents to the formal Letter of Notification. The purpose of the documents is to prove that the event described in the letter took place, or provide the addressee with recommendations on what they can do to help the situation. For example, when writing a Death Notification Letter, then the sender can enclose documents that prove that they are the descendent of the individual that has passed away. If writing a Data Breach Notification Letter, then the sender can include a list of recommendations the addressee can follow to protect their data.

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This is a formal statement prepared by a relative, friend, lawyer, or executor of a deceased person to inform other people about their death.

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