Medical Letter Templates and Samples

What Is a Medical Letter?

A Medical Letter is a document that can be used when an individual or an entity wants to settle certain questions connected with medical organizations or different health conditions. This kind of letter serves different purposes related to health insurance, medical expenses, official notifications, and others.

A common Medical Letter template can include information about the sender, information about the receiver of the letter, a statement that explains the reason for writing, and a part where the sender requests certain actions to be performed. The sender can attach different documents to the letter that can prove their point, or can be used as evidence.

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Medical Letter Types

There are several types of Medical Letters that can be used in various situations. The most common ones are described below and can be submitted to insurance companies, hospitals, nursing homes, and other entities.

  1. Letter of Medical Necessity. This is a legal document written by a medical specialist that can be used when a patient needs verification of their diagnosis. The purpose of the document is to validate information for the insurance company that is covering the treatment.
  2. Letter of Creditable Coverage. When an individual’s insurance coverage has ended, this type of letter is supposed to be provided by their insurance company in order to prove this information and state the coverage cancellation date. The purpose of the letter is to provide evidence of the individual’s prior health coverage.
  3. Death Notification Letter. This notification is supposed to be used to deliver news of someone’s death. Generally, the letter is sent by a relative or a person who was close to the deceased one. The purpose of the letter is to inform individuals or entities that an individual has passed away.
  4. Medical Bill Dispute Letter. If an individual disagrees with the information stated in the medical bill they have received, then they can use this type of document to dispute it. The purpose of the document is to provide information about the errors in the bill and request the medical organization to fix them.
  5. Counseling Letter. This type of Medical Letter includes information about the counseling that an individual is entitled to due to their misconduct or poor performance at work, in the army, or during the education process. The document can include information about the individual who needs counseling and why counseling is required.

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This document is a written statement prepared by the physician to describe the current diagnosis of the patient and recommend treatment and medication.


This document contains information about the counseling that an employee or a member of the army is entitled to because of their poor work performance or misconduct.

The purpose of this letter is to notify individuals and entities that a person stated in the document has passed away.

Individuals may use this letter to disagree with the information presented in their medical bill and demonstrate their desire to dispute it.

This document proves that an individual's previous insurance policy has ended.

The purpose of this type of sample is to inform a patient that their doctor will no longer provide medical care for them.

Individuals may use a letter such as this as a reference when they would like to request a copy of their records from a medical organization where they have been treated.

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