Sample Patient Discharge Letter

Sample Patient Discharge Letter

A Patient Discharge Letter can be used when a medical specialist wants to discharge a patient from their practice. The purpose of the document is to inform the patient that their doctor will no longer provide medical care for them.

Alternate Names:

  • Patient Termination Letter;
  • Hospital Discharge Letter;
  • Medical Discharge Letter.

Generally, this type of letter is used when the doctor wants to terminate their doctor-patient relationship with their patient due to a particular reason. It can be patients who are verbally abusive, who do not pay for the medical services they receive, who miss their appointments for no reason or do not follow their care plan, and so on. A sample Patient Discharge Letter can be downloaded below.

Your letter does not need to be too long - you can keep it straight to the point and provide your patient with the following information:

  1. Introduction. You can start by informing your patient that since a certain date (the effective date) you will no longer provide them with medical care.
  2. Discharge Reason. By a general rule, you are supposed to explain why exactly you want to discharge your patient.
  3. Conclusion. Here you can offer to provide your former patient with copies of any medical documents that you have on them.

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