Sample Medical Referral Letter

Sample Medical Referral Letter

A Medical Referral Letter is a document that can be prepared on behalf of the patient who is seeking medical treatment. The purpose of the document is to gather information about the patient and pass it on to another medical practitioner.

Generally, this letter is written by a medical specialist and is given to another specialist doctor. For example, when a general practitioner is referring their patient to the specialist doctor, they can use a Medical Referral Letter to provide the medical practitioner with information about the patient.

The referral letter can be described as a summary of the patient's health condition, medical history, treatment, and complaints. A Medical Referral Letter Sample is available for download below.


How to Write a Medical Referral Letter?

Writing a referral letter is a straightforward process. Nevertheless, if the medical specialist is struggling with completing the letter, they can use the Medical Referral Letter template presented on our website. The letter can contain several parts, which include the following:

  1. The Sender. In the first part of the document, the medical specialist is required to provide their name, the name of the medical establishment where they work, and their address.
  2. The Addressee. Here, the medical specialist must designate the name of the special doctor they are writing to. In addition to this, they must designate the name of the medical entity where the special doctor works, and their address.
  3. Introduction. The medical specialist who is preparing the medical referral letter can use this section to introduce themselves and provide general information about the patient. It can include the patient's name, age, and health conditions.
  4. Information About the Patient. This part of the letter is supposed to be used to describe the patient's medical history, the treatment they are going through, the medication they are taking, and any other details that might be important to the specialist doctor.
  5. Conclusion. At the end of the document, the medical specialist can put any requests or recommendations they have for the specialist doctor.
  6. Signature. To verify that everything presented in the letter is true and correct, the medical specialist must sign and date the document.

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