Referral Letter Templates and Samples

What Is a Referral Letter? 

A Referral Letter is a formal statement composed for the benefit of an individual who needs employment, enrollment into an educational institution of their choice, or the medical attention of another doctor.

When you are writing a Referral Letter, you need to introduce yourself in case the recipient does not know you personally, indicate the name of the individual for whom you are drafting a referral, list their skills and qualifications if they need it for a job or studies or elaborate on their medical history, current treatment, and medication if you are a doctor, and explain why you are preparing this referral on behalf of another individual. Additionally, you may recommend a business partner to your clients if you are able to vouch for them via a Business Referral Letter. 

Referral Letter Types 

  1. Generic Referral Letter. Whether you are recommending an employee or student to another professional, you may fill out this Letter of Referral to greet the recipient, name the person you are referring to them, state the purpose of the referral, describe the positive characteristics and accomplishments of the individual you are referring, and offer the letter reader to contact you in case they need more information about the prospective employee or student.
  2. Sample Referral Letter from Therapist to Psychiatrist. You can use this document for reference to find out how to properly arrange a temporary or permanent transfer of a mental health patient. The primary care therapist should tell the psychiatrist about the working diagnosis of the patient, briefly describe their own evaluation of their mental health, and offer collaboration regarding future prescriptions and possible side effects of the treatment.
  3. Sample Medical Referral Letter. Use this letter regardless of what kind of a medical practitioner you are - the purpose of this letter is to provide the information about the patient to a different specialist. Introduce the individual in question, describe their health conditions, and possibly indicate your opinion regarding the diagnosis, list the medication the patient has been taking, and add your recommendations that may be useful to the new doctor.

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The purpose of this document is to gather information about the patient so you may pass them on to another medical practitioner.

This letter is prepared on behalf of an individual looking for a job, an educational opportunity, an internship, or medical treatment.

A medical specialist may use this document to refer their patient to a psychiatrist.

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