Letter of Consent Templates and Samples

What Is a Letter of Consent?

A Letter of Consent is a written document in which an individual grants permission to another party to do certain actions. The purpose of the letter is to declare what kind of rights that the receiving party designated in the document has the opportunity to perform.

Some letters of this kind require notarization. Generally, a notarized Letter of Consent must be prepared when it is dedicated to a subject connected with underaged individuals traveling without their parents (or one of their parents). Browse our library below for printable Letter of Consent templates and samples.

Letter of Consent Types

Usually, a Consent Letter is applicable to situations when minors are involved. The most popular types of Consent Letters include the following:

  1. Medical Consent Letter for Grandparents. This type of consent letter can be used when parents (or legal guardians of a child) want to transfer their responsibility of making health-care and medical decisions to the grandparents of their child. The letter can be used when parents (or legal guardians) will be temporarily absent and will not be able to make decisions concerning the health of their underaged child.
  2. Letter of Consent for International Travel. When parents (or legal guardians of a child) want to let their underaged child travel with someone else (a relative, a group, an organization, etc.), they can use this document. It will give the party designated in the document permission to travel abroad with a stated child.
  3. Letter of Consent to Travel with one Parent. In this letter, a non-traveling parent can give permission to another parent to take their underaged child to travel abroad. Countries might have different requirements for the content of the letter, so before completing one parent should contact the embassy of the country they are going to with their minor, or visit their official website.

How to Write a Letter of Consent?

The content of the letter will be fully determined by the situation in which it is supposed to be used. A common Letter of Consent template can contain several parts, such as:

  1. Title and date. The letter should start with a title that will designate its nature. It can be followed by a date when the letter was prepared.
  2. Information about the party giving consent. Generally, the consent is supposed to be given by a parent of the minor or their legal guardian. In this part of the document, they can state their identifying information, such as their full name, address, and their relation to the minor.
  3. Information about the party receiving consent. Here, the parties should designate the receiving party by stating their name, address, and other types of information that will help to identify them correctly.
  4. Information about the minor. Parents and legal guardians can use this section of the letter to indicate the information about the minor. It can include their name and date of birth.
  5. Description of the consent. In this part of the document, the parties can describe the content of the consent. It includes listing actions that the receiving party is allowed to perform, the time period when they are allowed to do so, and any exceptions that they might have.
  6. Contact details. In case any third party that will be presented with this Consent Letter will have any questions concerning the subject, the party that gives the consent should state their contact information. It can include their telephone number and email that can be used to reach them.
  7. Signature. To validate that everything written in the letter is true and correct the party that gives the consent must sign the document. If the document requires notarizations then it must be signed in a presence of a public notary.
  8. Notarization. This section is supposed to be filled in by a public notary. Here, they will verify that the signature on the document belongs to the parent or legal guardian of the minor.

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A Letter of Consent to Travel with one Parent acts as formal permission given from one parent to another parent so they may travel alone with a child.

This letter of consent acts as formal permission given by the parents of a child to the child's grandparents to make health care decisions regarding the named child.

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