What Is a Child Travel Consent Form?

A Child Travel Consent Form becomes increasingly necessary every year, especially when crossing the border traveling by car. The number of children victims of trafficking or instances of child abduction is growing, so make sure you are well prepared before a departure. Proof of permission to travel is highly recommended for the child’s parent or legal guardian in all instances when the minor is not traveling with both legal parents.

Alternate Names:

  • Minor Travel Consent Form;
  • Child Travel Consent Letter.

You can download a variety of sample Child Travel Consent Letters at the bottom of this page. These templates will help you create your travel permission letter. It is a good idea to have it authorized by a notary or at least attach a passport copy of the parent giving their consent (the copy must show the parent’s signature that matches the one on the minor travel consent form).

This document is strongly recommended by the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) for any child under the age of 19 for domestic or international travel. There is no standard for a consent letter for international travel, but a template captures basic information, such as the who, when, where and why, as well as contact and flight information, addresses and names of the travel destination and plans for further travel and visitations, if any. The CBP asks for the following (or similar) phrase to be included in the children’s international travel consent letter: "I acknowledge that my wife/husband/etc. is traveling out of the country with my son/daughter/group. He/She/They has/have my permission." It is suggested to have the child’s birth certificate as well, especially when the child is traveling with a group (it may be a sports team, a school or religious group, social or cultural organization).

Do keep in mind, that although the United States does not require incoming travelers to show a Child Travel Consent Form, other countries, especially Canada, may have strict regulations in this regard, so having this letter properly completed is in your best interests.

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"Child Travel Consent Form"

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The purpose of this type of document is to prove that a minor is legally allowed to travel with the consent of their parent(s) or legal guardian(s).

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Consent Form Business

Sample "Letter of Consent to Travel With One Parent"

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A Letter of Consent to Travel with one Parent acts as formal permission given from one parent to another parent so they may travel alone with a child.

Sample "Letter of Consent for International Travel"

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This document acts as a letter of permission to travel to a foreign country given to a child by their parent or legal guardian.

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Letter of Consent Template Letters