Sample Letter of Consent to Travel With One Parent

Sample Letter of Consent to Travel With One Parent

A Letter of Consent to Travel with One Parent documents formal permission given to a parent who travels alone with a child by another parent. Used by parents and legal guardians alike, this document can prevent misunderstandings when immigration officers or an airline asks whether the child travels with the consent of both parents responsible for the child's well-being. You can download a Sample Letter of Consent to Travel with one Parent through the link below.

This type of letter demonstrates that no crimes have been committed - for instance, a parent does not travel with a child to a different country without the permission of their current or former spouse. Even if you are not divorced from the parent of your child, it is recommended to prepare a Consent Form in advance, make sure the travel goes smoothly, and let authorities know the child is traveling to their destination with your knowledge.

Here is how you can compose a Letter of Consent in a few steps:

  1. Indicate your full name and confirm you are the parent or legal guardian of the child who travels domestically or internationally.
  2. Record the personal details of the child - their full name, date, and place of birth, and passport information.
  3. Certify the child has your permission to travel.
  4. Name the individual your child travels with - their parent - and indicate their personal information.
  5. Enter the trip destination and state the dates of travel.
  6. Add your contact details so that you may be reached out if further confirmation of the consent is required.
  7. Sign the letter and obtain a notary seal to strengthen its legal effect.

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Download Sample Letter of Consent to Travel With One Parent

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