Invitation Letter for Business Visa Template

Invitation Letter for Business Visa Template

What Is an Invitation Letter for a Business Visa?

An Invitation Letter for a Business Visa is a formal statement prepared by a company that wants to request the attendance of a certain person at their company function or some other business event and help this individual to obtain a visa for the trip from the foreign state. It is highly recommended to attach this letter to a Visa Application Package to boost the chances of the visa applicant getting permission to enter the country and to demonstrate that the visit has a specific purpose and limited timeframe.

Whether the company wants to seek the assistance of an expert to help you with the issue your business has encountered or a presence of a business associate is required at a business meeting, a Business Visa Invitation Letter is a document for you. You can download a Business Visa Invitation Letter template through the link below.


How to Write a Business Visa Invitation Letter?

Here is how you should compose a Business Invitation Letter for a Visa:

  1. Prepare this document on the company's official letterhead that contains the name of your entity, its contact details (which is very important - you may be contacted to clarify information about the visa applicant), and the logo.
  2. Include the proper greeting - you may write to a consular officer if you know their name or simply address the appropriate embassy or consulate.
  3. Indicate the name of the business once again and confirm you want to invite an individual to a country where your business is located. You need to explain the reason for the upcoming trip - for instance, the visa applicant works for the international branch of your organization and needs to speak in front of their foreign colleagues, or you want the presence of an expert in a certain field at the planned business conference.
  4. State the dates and the venue of the event. You may also request the embassy or consulate to issue a visa several days before and after the trip, just in case the planned business seminar or conference has changed its schedule.
  5. Sign and date the document. You may submit it directly to the consular officer or send it to the employee or specialist you are assisting with the visa application - ask them what is necessary for this particular situation.

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