Invitation Letter for Visa Templates and Samples

What Is an Invitation Letter for a Visa?

An Invitation Letter for a Visa is a formal statement completed to help the visa applicant get permission to enter the country of their destination. If you are looking for a Visa Invitation Letter template, you may check out our library of samples and templates through the links below.

Alternate Names:

  • Visa Invitation Letter;
  • Visa Letter of Invitation.

Prepared by the applicant's potential host and sent to the embassy, consulate, or a particular consular officer, this document confirms the host is willing to offer their place of residence to the visa applicant for their visit. Additionally, a letter like this verifies the dates of the event the applicant is traveling to attend and guarantees your stay in the country will be legal - the individual in question is only coming for a short time and will have a place to live and access to financial means to support them if necessary.

Visa Invitation Letter Types

There are different Visa Letters of Invitation - and uniform documents do not exist. If you have a family member, partner, or friend who permanently lives in the country of your choice and they are ready to house you for the duration of your stay in their house or apartment, request them to fill out a proper invitation they customize to suit the needs of the particular visit - the documents below are among the most commonly used.

  1. European Union. Whether you are going to the Schengen Area or plan to visit a non-Schengen country in the upcoming future, a letter written by your family member or friend will support your application for a visa and quicken the consideration of the application:

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  2. United States. Foreign nationals who want to enter the U.S. must obtain a visa first, and American citizens and residents may help their relatives and friends to come to the U.S. by preparing a formal invitation:

How to Write an Invitation Letter for a Visa?

Here is how you compose an efficient Visa Invitation Letter:

  1. Start with a proper salutation. It is highly recommended to address the letter to the correct department and office and send it to the individual who reviews visa applications and documentation that comes with them. It will show you have put your time and effort into finding the correct recipient and will speed up the process of making a decision regarding a visa.
  2. Introduce yourself and indicate your relationship to the applicant. Tell the addressee how long have you known them and under what circumstances you have met.
  3. Describe the event the visa applicant is planning to visit and explain their role - for instance, your friend may be coming for a short vacation or you are waiting for your sibling to visit your wedding. Confirm your responsibility for the accommodation of the applicant and guarantee you will cover their living expenses if necessary. Even if you know your partner or acquaintance has enough money to pay for themselves, it is better to demonstrate your full backing of their visit and your readiness to support them financially.
  4. State the dates of entry and exit. If the visa applicant has come to see you in the past, you may mention those trips and their durations to show the embassy or consulate worker there were no issues with the previous visits.
  5. Invest time and care into this letter - another person's academic career, professional life, and existence itself may depend on what you say in this short document. You must remain polite and professional - do not allow your emotions to affect the letter even if the visa issuance is urgent.
  6. Add your contact information in case there are any questions or concerns about your letter - you may receive a call or letter to elaborate on certain details. Sign and date the document.

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This letter may be written by a U.S. citizen or legal resident so that they may invite relatives or any people they have ties with to the United States as a guest.

This is a formal statement prepared by a company to request the attendance of a person at their company function and help this individual to obtain a visa for the trip from the foreign state.

This type of letter is a supplemental statement completed by the sponsor of a U.S. visa in support of the visa application prepared by their relative, partner, or friend.

The purpose of this invitation letter is to provide information to the embassy that is reviewing the documents about the applying individual and their business trip.

This letter acts as a written statement prepared by an individual who would like to host a guest during the celebration of their wedding and requests the appropriate embassy to issue a visa to the visitor to make their attendance possible.

A citizen of a Schengen country may prepare this letter to help an individual who wants to visit the country to obtain a visa and confirm their preparedness to sponsor this person's stay in their country of choice.

A legal resident or citizen of China may use this type of letter to increase the chances of another individual to obtain a visa for a short stay, work, or permanent residence.

This is a formal document that serves as a basis for obtaining a business visa for a person who is planning to go to China for work for a limited time to conduct business matters.

Individuals may use a letter such as this when they are planning a trip to China for the purpose of tourism.


Individuals may use this important document for any person that plans on obtaining a Russian visa.

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