Invitation Letter for U.S. Visa Template

Invitation Letter for U.S. Visa Template

What is an Invitation Letter for a U.S. Visa?

An Invitation Letter for a U.S. Visa is a letter written by a U.S. citizen or legal resident (a sponsor) that allows them to invite relatives or any people they have ties to the United States as a guest. The letter can be written directly to the visitor (an applicant) or it can be written to the consular office. The invitation letter is not a necessary document for getting a visa but the letter itself has to be submitted along with the application. This letter will help the applicant with the issuance of the visa but it in no way guarantees 100% success. An Invitation Letter template for a U.S. visa can be found through the link below.


How to Write an Invitation Letter for a U.S. Visa?

When writing a U.S. visa invitation letter, the sponsor has to mention that it is a temporary visit and the visitor has a place in their home country where they will go back after the expiration of their visit. The main concern of the U.S. government is that tourists have the intention to stay in the territory of the U.S. illegally, for a longer period of time than was claimed in their application, that is why it is advisable to be very clear about the period of visiting.

A sponsor that invites a visitor has to be a citizen or a legal resident of the U.S. They also must have a registered place where the visitor can stay and a separate room for the visitor to live in while visiting.

If the letter was written by a sponsor just to invite someone for a temporary visit then it not necessary for it to be so strict and formal, as it is dedicated to the receiver. If the letter of invitation for a U.S. visa was written with the purpose of getting a visa, it is advisable to write the letter formally and more detailed as it will be examined by a consular officer.

An Invitation Letter for a U.S. Visa should include the following information:

  1. Date of writing the invitation letter.
  2. The sponsor's contact information . Their name, full address (including city and country), phone number, and email should all be included.
  3. The visitor's contact information . Their name and full address must be included. In the case you are writing to the consular officer you have to write the full address of the consulate or the embassy.
  4. The subject matter of the letter . The sponsor has to describe the reason for the invitation and the relationship they have with the applicant (in case you are writing the letter to the consular officer). The sponsor should mention that the visitor will live at the sponsor's house during the visit and what they plan to do while staying in the U.S. It is strongly recommended to inform them about food, medical insurance, and other expenses that will be needed during their stay. The sponsor has to notify the visitor or the consular officer that they will take all responsibility for the visitor.
  5. Sponsor's name and signature.

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