Business Invitation Letter Template

Business Invitation Letter Template

What Is a Business Invitation Letter?

If your business or corporation conducts businesses in other countries, you may find that there will be times where you will need to have potential business partners, employees, or any other individuals involved in a project come from out of the country to your offices.

However, before those people can come into the country for work purposes, you will need to create a Business Invitation Letter for them. This letter will be used as part of the application to visa offices that you will be hosting an out-of-country guest and what that person will be doing at your company during their stay. A Business Invitation Letter template can be found through the link below.


How to Write a Business Invitation Letter?

To construct the format of a business invitation letter you will want to include the following information:

  1. Date.

  2. Your Organization's Name and Address.

  3. Name and Address of the guest you will be inviting.

  4. "Business Invitation Letter" title.

  5. Opening Salutations.

  6. An introductory statement including your name and title stating that you are writing to invite (name of the person requiring the business invitation letter and their title) to your offices;

  7. Dates the person will be at your offices and in what capacity they will be working.

    • For example, if the person is an employee of your company, you could write, "John Smith will be attending our annual year in review executive meeting the week of March 1st through the 5th";
    • Or, the individual works outside of your company, you could write "Jane Smith is an outside sales representative who will be giving our company a presentation on a new encryption service and training our IT department on how to use it the week of March 1st through the 5th."
  8. You can include additional language about how their attendance will impact the goals of your company and detail further the need for their attendance in person.

    • If the attendee will be coming from a country in a different time zone you could write, "since this guest normally lives and works in a timezone with a twelve-hour difference, we feel that it is a better use of time and resources to have them come to our offices in person to complete this important business project."
  9. Any closing remarks, or a deadline needed for the recipient's response and whom they should send their response to.

  10. Your name and signature.

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