Sample Russian Visa Invitation Letter

Sample Russian Visa Invitation Letter

A Russian Visa Invitation Letter is a crucial document that is needed for any person that plans on obtaining a Russian visa. This includes a private, tourist or business visa. The document indicates that a host permits a person to make an application for a Russian visa. The type of visa and the type of invitation will depend on the reason for visiting. The company stated in the Russian Visa Invitation effectively becomes a guarantor not only during the process of applying for and obtaining the visa (which is done at the Russian Consulate), but also serves as an important document during the time period in which an individual stays within the Russian Federation. Russian officials reserve the right to ask for this letter during your stay.

The three main types of visas that need an Invitation are:

  1. Russian Tourist Visa Invitation Letter: for individuals visiting in cases of tourism.
  2. Russian Private Visa Invitation Letter: for friends/family of a Russian citizen.
  3. Russian Business Invitation Letter: for those intending to travel on official business.

A Russian Visa Invitation Letter template can be downloaded by clicking the link below.


How to Write an Invitation Letter for a Russian Visa?

A Letter of Invitation for a Russian Visa will rely on the grounds of entry. When applying for a tourist visa, you can either be given a single or double entry (with a maximum stay of thirty days). In comparison, a business visa can also allow multiple entries and validity will range from one month up to 1 year.

The most commonly used Letter of Invitation is for tourism. It is composed of two sections:

  1. The voucher . Acts as confirmation that an individual has looked into staying with a hotel during the period of stay. It will include information such as the reference number of the host company, the full name of person being invited along with their date of birth, details about itinerary and accommodation. It will also include information regarding your payment (whether this has fully been paid). The period of validity will also be outlined in this section.

  2. Confirmatory Letter . The second section of the letter confirms the place of stay. It includes:

    • a reference number;
    • the number of permitted entries;
    • the date of entry and date of exit;
    • date of birth and gender;
    • citizenship and passport number information;
    • the reason for the trip;
    • details about itinerary and accommodation;
    • full details regarding the host company including their address, phone numbers and any other contact information;
    • any other relevant additional information.

Both parts of this document are found on one sheet of paper. They must be signed and dated by an authorized representative of the host company with the full name and position of the representative. The host will also need to stamp the document with their company stamp.

It is important to understand that this document will not replace a Russian visa. This invitation along with all other relevant documents must be sent to the Russian Consulate which in turn, will assess your application.

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