Invitation Letter Templates and Samples

What Is an Invitation Letter?

An Invitation Letter is a formal or personal statement completed by the individual that confirms the plans for a certain event and requests the attendance of another person. You may need to fill out this document to ask the permission of authorities to let the individual be present at a family gathering or wedding, develop business connections with other entities, or just invite a close friend or colleague to share a private event with you.

If you need an Invitation Letter template, you may check out our library of documents below. Customize a template to suit your needs and request the presence of a particular person or the entire organization using a printed version of the invitation or compose an email to save yourself time and money.

Invitation Letter Types

Whether you are in need of a personal note to invite your friend to the upcoming wedding or a Formal Invitation Letter that will be reviewed by relevant authorities, these templates will help you to create a compelling statement:

  1. Invitation Letter for Visa. Confirm your readiness to provide your residence to a family member or friend who visits your country for a short period of time.
  2. Immigration Invitation Letter. In case the visa applicant plans to work or study in the United States, or needs a longer stay for some other reason, you can certify your consent to help them financially and vouch for their professional and personal qualities.
  3. Wedding Invitation Letter. Once you decide who you want to see on your wedding day, you may notify these people about the venue of the wedding and the date of this special occasion.
  4. Business Invitation Letter. Propose a gathering of companies, their representatives, or all employees at once to share business experience and make deals to increase profits for all participants.

How to Write an Invitation Letter?

Follow these steps to draft a Letter of Invitation:

  1. Start with a polite salutation. You may use the name of the addressee if you know the recipient personally or you have found the name of the company director or consular officer who will read your letter, or simply address the organization by their business name or file the documentation directly to the embassy or consulate.
  2. State your full name and explain the reason for writing. Since the main purpose of the Invitation Letter, you always need to describe the future event - its time, date, and venue. Depending on the type of the letter, you may invite your friends and colleagues to the wedding, reach out to potential business partners and tell them about the business function you are going to host, or help a family member or close friend to obtain a much-desired visa or immigrate to your country.
  3. Attach documentation to support your letter. To provide an invitation for visa and immigration purposes, you may enclose copies of the documents that certify you have a residence in the United States and show that you are prepared to accommodate the applicant at your place. An invitation to attend a business conference or seminar may contain a brochure to explain what goods and services you are providing or a breakdown of scheduled events.
  4. If you need the recipient of the letter to contact you and confirm they will be coming to your event, ask them to RSVP to you. Set a deadline for their response and add your contact details to stay in touch.
  5. Sign and date the letter. If you are submitting a letter upon the request of your friend or family member and it will be submitted to official authorities, send the document to them first so that they review it and point out any inconsistencies or mistakes that may affect their case which is especially important in the case of immigration and visa application. Otherwise, you are free to design the Invitation Letter - print it on the letterhead or purchase a special card to suit the occasion.

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This document is a cover letter that is used when applying for a tourist visa to Russia at the Consulate General of the Russian Federation. It contains important information about the purpose of your visit and other details required by the consulate.

This form is used for applying for a visa invitation letter for travel purposes. It is required for individuals who need an invitation letter from a sponsor in a foreign country to be able to obtain a visa.

This letter is useful if an individual would like to move to a foreign country to show what their plans are when they arrive in the country, how long they intend to stay, and how you plan to accommodate them at your residence during their stay.

A Wedding Invitation Letter is sent to invited wedding guests months in advance to understand if the invited individual would like to attend a wedding.

This letter may be written by a U.S. citizen or legal resident so that they may invite relatives or any people they have ties with to the United States as a guest.

This is a formal statement prepared by a company to request the attendance of a person at their company function and help this individual to obtain a visa for the trip from the foreign state.

This letter is useful if your business or corporation conducts businesses in other countries and will need to have potential business partners, employees visit or travel abroad.

This type of letter is a supplemental statement completed by the sponsor of a U.S. visa in support of the visa application prepared by their relative, partner, or friend.

The purpose of this invitation letter is to provide information to the embassy that is reviewing the documents about the applying individual and their business trip.

This letter acts as a written statement prepared by an individual who would like to host a guest during the celebration of their wedding and requests the appropriate embassy to issue a visa to the visitor to make their attendance possible.

A citizen of a Schengen country may prepare this letter to help an individual who wants to visit the country to obtain a visa and confirm their preparedness to sponsor this person's stay in their country of choice.

A legal resident or citizen of China may use this type of letter to increase the chances of another individual to obtain a visa for a short stay, work, or permanent residence.

This is a formal document that serves as a basis for obtaining a business visa for a person who is planning to go to China for work for a limited time to conduct business matters.

Individuals may use a letter such as this when they are planning a trip to China for the purpose of tourism.


A church representative may prepare a letter such as this to offer a spokesperson an opportunity to deliver a speech before the audience of church members.

The purpose of this type of letter is to notify potential donors about an upcoming fundraising event and offer them to participate in it.

Individuals may use this important document for any person that plans on obtaining a Russian visa.

To formally invite an individual to join a board, this type of letter is needed to be used.

The purpose of this type of letter is to politely inform the recipient that their attendance is requested at a particular event, celebration, or another formal occasion.

An individual or HR employee may prepare and send this type of letter to a job candidate for a personal conversation about the job vacancy the latter is interested in.


Individuals may use this type of letter when they would like to invite guests to a party they are hosting or managing.


Individuals may use this type of letter when they would like to invite their friends and family to celebrate their birthday.


If you are part of an organization, school, or institution and have hired a guest speaker to come speak to your group, you will want to send the speaker this type of letter to invite the speaker.

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