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Are you planning a special event in the USA, Canada, or other countries? Look no further for all the information and forms you need! Our special events document collection has everything you need to ensure a successful and memorable event.

Whether you're hosting a festival, parade, fair, concert, or any other type of special event, our collection of documents will guide you through the application process. Our extensive library includes alternate names such as special event forms, special events permit application, and special event applications, making it easy for you to find the specific form you need.

From obtaining an event permit in Utah County, Utah, to securing local consent for a single event in Utah, or even getting landlord authorization for a special event in the Town of Seneca Falls, New York, our collection covers various locations across the USA. We also have documents specific to other states and counties like Pennsylvania, California, and Inyo County.

Don't waste time searching multiple websites or visiting government offices. Access all the necessary forms and information for your special event in one convenient place. Browse through our collection and find the relevant documents to get started today.




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This Form is used for obtaining an indemnity agreement for special events in the City of Miami Beach, Florida. It helps protect the City from liability and ensures that event organizers are financially responsible for any damages or injuries that may occur during the event.

This Document is a template for a cake gift tag with a plain white background. Perfect for adding a personal touch to your cake gifts.

This Form is used for individuals or organizations to apply for liability insurance coverage for special events.

This Form is used for applying for a special event promoter/organizer business license in Oklahoma.

This form is used for applying for a special event tax clearance in the state of Kansas. It is required for organizers planning to hold a special event that may be subject to taxes.

This document is an event permit specific to the state of Oregon. It is necessary for obtaining permission to hold an event in Oregon and contains information such as the event details, location, date, and any required permits or licenses.

This form is used to apply for a special event raffle license in Kentucky. It is necessary for organizing raffles at events in the state.

This document is used for applying for a permit to organize a festival in the state of Vermont. It is necessary to obtain this permit before hosting any type of festival or event in Vermont.

This form is used for requesting permission to donate food for special events in Oklahoma. It is intended for individuals or organizations who want to contribute food for events such as fundraisers, community gatherings, or charity functions.

This Form is used for submitting a special event proposal in Oklahoma. It is an attachment to Form OP-090211.

This document is used for obtaining an event permit in Utah County, Utah. It is necessary for individuals or organizations planning to hold events such as concerts, festivals, or public gatherings in the county. The application helps ensure compliance with local regulations and allows the county to assess any potential impacts on public safety and infrastructure.

This Form is used for reporting the shipment of wine into West Virginia by direct shippers and the sales made by non-resident wineries at special events in West Virginia.

This form is used for organizing and managing special events in the state of Illinois.

This form is used for applying for a special event license in the state of Arizona. It is required for individuals or organizations planning to host events such as festivals, concerts, or fairs. The application collects information about the event and ensures compliance with relevant regulations and permits.

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