Wedding Invitation Letter Template

Wedding Invitation Letter Template

What Is a Wedding Invitation Letter?

A Wedding Invitation Letter is a traditional way of inviting guests to a wedding. It is typically sent through the mail, months in advance, to allow for guests to plan their trip and make any necessary accommodations. You can also decide to send a wedding invitation letter through email and link your online wedding site where guests can respond and read about the wedding day details.

The Wedding Invitation Letter format can be either formal or informal, but both will contain all of the information needed about the wedding. If you choose to have a formal invitation letter for a wedding, you will want to choose a heavier cardstock and possibly have your invitations professionally made. A Wedding Invitation Letter template can be found through the link below.


How to Write a Wedding Invitation Letter?

To create a Wedding Invitation Letter you will want to include the following information:

  1. An opening statement inviting the reader to attend the upcoming wedding (include the names of the two people getting married).

    • With a formal invitation letter for a wedding, your introductory statement will be longer and more complex. For example, you could write, "The Smith and Jones family cordially invite you to attend the upcoming union of their children Paul and Susan";
    • With an informal wedding invitation letter, you could write something simpler, or be more creative if it fits with your wedding theme. For example, an informal invite could read, "Jane and Sam are so excited to finally tie the knot and want to invite you to the big day!"
  2. You will then want to list the date, time, venue, and RSVP date on the invitation itself. A wedding invitation letter will often also include other information on a separate card or cards, including the attire expected, meal choice, where the couple is registered, if there will be multiple locations (such as the wedding taking place in a house of worship and a reception to follow after)

  3. You can also include an RSVP card with a pre-stamped envelope so that each guest can RSVP right away, or include a link to a wedding website where you will collect RSVP responses. You will want to make sure you leave a cutoff date for responses so that your caterer will have enough time to make the correct amount of food for the guests (usually two to three weeks before the wedding day).

  4. If the wedding venue has any rules about parking or transportation, you will want to be sure to include that in the wedding invitation letter as another piece to include in your letter, and possibly have a map printout if the venue is a large space (such as a barn or hotel).

  5. It is also a good idea to have a couple of people double-check a draft of your invitation template before having them sent out for printing to check for any errors and to make sure each guest will have all the necessary information to easily attend the wedding.

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