Rsvp Card Template - White

Rsvp Card Template - White

What Is a Wedding RSVP Card?

A Wedding RSVP Card is usually attached to a formal wedding invitation and is usually sent out several weeks before the wedding. The purpose of the card is for guests to respond regarding their attendance to a wedding. This is extremely important for the newlyweds - do not simply assume that if you do not reply, it is a signal that you will not attend. Even if you cannot make it to the event, you should still inform the hosts by responding to the RSVP card and mailing it back to the couple.

Alternate Name:

  • Wedding Invitation RSVP Card.

By doing this, the couple will have an accurate idea of how many people will be in attendance at the wedding. This information can help them plan their wedding day and prepare all of the necessary elements including tables, seating areas, transport, food and drinks. If more people turn up than expected, the hosts risk guests not getting enough food or them having nowhere to sit for example. If less people than expected turn up, it means that the hosts have spent unnecessary extra costs that could have been avoided.

If you are considering making your own RSVP card, ensure that you use the correct Wedding RSVP Card wording which should include the name of the invited guest, a deadline date and sometimes even an option to choose the main course. You also want to make sure you get the Wedding RSVP Card size right, ensuring they are compact enough to fit into the envelope. The standard size is 4.5x5.5 inches.

A Wedding RSVP Card template can be downloaded by clicking the link below.


How to Fill Out a Wedding RSVP Card?

Wedding RSVP Cards often reflect tradition and as well as following etiquette, may have a specific structure and use specific language. If an invited wedding guest has never seen such cards before, this may actually be a bit of a surprise - just how do you fill in the card correctly? We have compiled a list of things you should and shouldn't do when filling out a Wedding RSVP Card which you can find below:

  • Ensure that you write your full name. If you are planning on coming to the wedding, include your title and the names of any additional guests that you are bringing along with you;
  • You should only include guests if it is specified in the card. If there is no room for a plus one or it states that only adults are invited, do not include your kids or any other people on the card - it would be rude to do so. The hosts have done this for a good reason;
  • You might not think it is necessarily important, but ensure that you fill the card in using your best handwriting so that the hosts can read everything clearly. It is important that they can read what you have written as they may add a personalized element to the celebration using the names of the guests;
  • If there is an option to choose the main course, write down the initials of the guests next to each selection so that the hosts are aware of who has chosen what food. More importantly, if any of the invitees have any allergies, this information should also be specified clearly;
  • Lastly, fill in the card and get it back to the guests as soon as possible. This is a sign of respect to the hosts and it also shows your excitement to be a part of their special day.

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