Wedding Planning Spreadsheet

Wedding Planning Spreadsheet

Wedding Planning Spreadsheet: What Is It?

A Wedding Planning Spreadsheet refers to a printed out or digital document that records information about a wedding reception - the details of the budget, the seating arrangements, the information about the vendors and their services, and the timeline of the wedding day.

Alternate Names:

  • Spreadsheet for Wedding Planning;
  • Wedding Plan Spreadsheet.

Whether you decide to be in charge of all the organizational issues for your wedding party, you were asked by a bride or groom to help them with the planning, or you were hired as a wedding planner, this comprehensive list of various items to buy, services to pay, and events to schedule will be a helpful tool that will not let you miss anything important in preparation for the wedding ceremony.

You can find a Wedding Planning Spreadsheet template through the link below.


What to Include on a Wedding Planning Spreadsheet?

Follow these steps to make a Wedding Plan Spreadsheet:

  1. Since it is likely you are going to use software to create a spreadsheet, there may be multiple pages in your document . For instance, make separate lists for different categories of vendors - photographers, florists, bakers, state their contact details, and enter a brief description of their work or the information you got from online reviews. Once the choice is made and you reached out to a vendor to secure their services for the wedding day, add them to a separate list that will only include the professionals you hired for the ceremony.
  2. The table you create should contain the following columns: the name of the item to purchase or the contract to sign, the sum of money you are able to spend on this line item, the actual value you will end up spending after the full payment is made, the name of the service provider, their telephone number or e-mail address, the payment deadline, and a check box you tick once the matter in question is taken care of.
  3. Devote a separate page in your spreadsheet to invitations and a seating chart . Write down the names of all the people the bride and the groom want to see at the ceremony - once you receive the confirmation they will attend the party, the name of the future guest should be added to the seating chart. An electronic version of the document will allow you to edit the arrangements until the very last day - the place cards can be put on any table even if you choose to adjust the initial seating plan.
  4. Schedule the events of the wedding day . This page can specify when a certain event takes place, what is supposed to happen at that time, the location of the event, and the people responsible for the event or the main participants. For instance, you may schedule a visit from a makeup artist, confirm they will work at the bride's apartment at a certain time, and write down the names of the bridesmaids that will take part in the preparations.

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  • Wedding planning spreadsheet - Streamline your wedding preparations with this comprehensive and easy-to-use wedding planning spreadsheet.
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