Former Spouse Templates

Are you looking for information and resources related to managing your relationship with your former spouse? Look no further! Our webpage is dedicated to providing you with valuable information and guidance on various aspects concerning your former spouse. Whether you need assistance with distribution of assets, consent for retirement plans, survivor benefit plans, or application for former spouse payments, we have you covered.

Our webpage includes a collection of documents specifically designed to address the needs of individuals with former spouses. For instance, you can find the DD Form 2897 Former Spouse Distribution Statement, which helps you navigate the process of dividing assets after a divorce. We also provide the OPM Form SF-3110 Former Spouse's Consent to Fers Election, which outlines the necessary steps to obtain consent for retirement plans.

Furthermore, our webpage offers the DD Form 2656-10 Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) Former Spouse Request for Deemed Election. This form is particularly relevant if you are a former spouse seeking survivor benefits from retirement plans. You can also find the DD Form 2293 Application for Former Spouse Payments From Retired Pay, which provides the necessary documentation for receiving former spouse payments.

To ensure that you're well-informed, our webpage also includes information on the Former Spouse Notice of Election (Noe) - South Carolina. This document is specific to South Carolina and provides details on the election process for former spouse benefits.

With our comprehensive collection of documents and resources, managing your relationship with your former spouse becomes easier and more convenient. Our webpage is your one-stop source for obtaining the necessary forms and information to navigate the complexities of divorce and separation. Explore our site today to access the resources you need.




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This document is used to indicate the distribution of benefits to a former spouse of a military member. It helps ensure that the former spouse receives the appropriate portion of military benefits after a divorce.

This form is used for obtaining the former spouse's consent to the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS) election. It ensures that both parties are aware and agree to the election process.

Use this form is you are a former spouse and wish to provide information related to Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) coverage or Reserve Component SBP coverage.

This document notifies the former spouse of their right to elect certain benefits in South Carolina.

This form is used for applying for court-ordered benefits for a former spouse. It is specifically for the purpose of seeking financial support or healthcare benefits from a government agency or organization after a divorce or separation.

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