Free Real Estate Forms for Landlords

It is extremely important to draft correct documentation when allowing other people to live in the residence you own or conduct their business from the commercial real estate registered in your name. Our guide on Real Estate Forms for Landlords will allow you to be sure your rights and especially your property are protected, and you will be able to earn money complying with relevant laws and manage rental payments.

Types of Real Estate Forms for Landlords

The documents below determine every step in the relationship between the party that owns real estate and the party that wants to use it to live or work from. Consider composing these documents to work in your favor if there is ever a dispute between you and your tenant.

Screen and Welcome New Tenants

Begin your contractual relationship with the tenant the right way by preparing the forms below.

  • A Rental Application Form is filled out by the potential tenant who tells the landlord about themselves and the landlord decides whether to sign an agreement with them;
  • A Background Check Authorization Form lets landlords check the criminal and credit history of their future tenants;
  • Tenant Rejection Letter. Complete this statement if you chose not to rent your real estate to a particular individual;
  • Lead Disclosure Form. Tell the tenant about lead-based paint used during the construction of your house;
  • A Cosigner Agreement is signed by the person who obliges to pay the rent for the tenant if the latter is unable to do so;
  • House Rental Checklist. Learn every crucial thing to know about renting a house;
  • Security Deposit Receipt. Give this document to a tenant to confirm they have given you a sum of money as insurance in case they damage the property;
  • A Key Receipt is filled out once the tenant receives the keys to the real estate they have rented;
  • A Welcome Letter contains information the tenant must know about using the rented property and establishes a warm relationship between the landlord and the tenant.

Rent Out Commercial Property

If you have a space tenants may use for their commercial gain, consider completing one of the templates below to outline the rights and responsibilities of the parties.

  • Commercial Lease Agreement. Use this contract whether you are renting an office, retail store, mall, or hotel;
  • Farm Lease Agreement. Farmers will be able to expand their operations with access to your land;
  • Vacation Rental Agreement. Widely used by landlords in cities popular with tourists, this document will let you rent your residence for short periods of time;
  • A Parking Lease Agreement is a much-needed document for any car owner looking for a safe space for their vehicle;
  • Office Space Lease Agreement. Created specifically for landlords who own office space, this document will let the employer gather all their employees in one location and work with them;
  • A Warehouse Lease Agreement is prepared when the landlord rents a building used to store materials and goods before they are distributed;
  • Billboard Lease Agreement. Rent an outdoor board to a person or company that wishes to display an advertisement;
  • Storage Space Lease Agreement. Used for business and personal needs, this document will establish the tenant's right to keep their property at the building you own.

Rent Out Residential Real Estate

These Landlord Real Estate Forms are signed when the property will be used as a dwelling, not to conduct any type of business.

  • A Residential Rental Agreement is a general contract signed by landlords and tenants regarding a dwelling to live in;
  • A Month-to-Month Rental Agreement serves as a short-term lease and can be prolonged every month;
  • A Condominium Lease Agreement is the contract for you if you own a residential unit that can be rented by multiple tenants;
  • Room Rental Agreement Form. Use this document if you only wish to rent one room in the apartment or house you own;
  • Land Rental Agreement. Let the other party occupy your property for a short period of time;
  • A Land Lease Agreement is completed if you and your counterpart are ready for a long-term contract that lasts for more than one year;
  • A House Bill of Sale is often signed once the lease is up to transfer the ownership of the real estate;
  • A Rent to Own Agreement allows the tenant to reside in the house for a while and then buy it from the landlord if they want to;
  • Sublease Agreement. You may permit the tenant to rent your property or a part of it to a third party.

Manage Your Rental Property

The forms below can be used after the lease is signed and before the tenant leaves the premises.

  • Property Management Agreement. Hire an individual to manage your real estate - a very helpful document, especially if you own multiple houses or offices;
  • A Rent Receipt Template confirms the landlord received the payment from the tenant;
  • Late Rent Notice. Inform the tenant about the payment delay before taking further action.
  • Non-Renewal of Lease Letter. Tell the other party you will not be signing a new lease once the existing one expires;
  • Rental Property Inspection Checklist for Landlords will be useful once the property is vacated by the tenant and you need to confirm everything is in order;
  • Rent Increase Letter. Tell the tenant they will have to pay more for the rented estate if your agreement allows the landlord to do so;
  • A Security Deposit Return Letter certifies the landlord has checked the property and gives the security deposit back to a tenant who complied with their agreement;
  • An Eviction Notice is used to notify the tenant they must vacate the premises because they violated the rental agreement;
  • A Rental Inspection Checklist is an inventory that lists everything that is being rented and confirms its condition before the tenant moves in;
  • A Maintenance Request Form will be used by a tenant to ask the landlord to make major repairs in the house or office space;
  • Lease Termination Letter. Complete this document to cancel the contract before it expires - with or without a reason.

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These agreements are more common for higher-end vacation properties and outline the terms and conditions of the lease for the specified rental period.

Use this contract every time an advertiser or company wishes to rent the billboard space you own.

A Warehouse Lease Agreement serves to safeguard the interests of warehouse owners when renting out their property.


Use a Maintenance Request Form to handle any house maintenance problems - like a dripping faucet or an electrical issue - in an organized manner.

Complete and sign this document when leasing space to a new tenant for storage purposes.

This legally binding agreement allows an individual to sublease or rent their room or apartment to another person or group of people.

Use this document to rent a place to keep your car during work hours or a parking space to store a vehicle for longer periods of time.

This legal contract regulates the relationship between a landlord and tenant that will be occupying the landlord's property for non-retail use.

Use this agreement to rent out space in a residential unit located in a condominium association to a tenant.

This agreement requires the tenant to purchase the property that they are renting at the end of the lease term.

Send this notice to your tenant when they are overdue or have forgotten to send in their rental payment on time.

This template acts as a written statement prepared by a landlord to make an assessment of the condition of a residential or commercial property.

If you are a landlord, it is a good idea to conduct a yearly inspection of every property you manage and have this type of template handy to conduct the inspection.

The purpose of this template is to list all of the things that can be examined during the inventory of a house or a flat that is being rent out.

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