What Is a Rental Inspection Checklist?

A Rental Inspection Checklist is a document that records the condition of the rental unit to protect both parties of the rental agreement from possible misrepresentations of the condition of the property. Move-in and move-out inspections are necessary to hold residents accountable for the damages they cause.

Alternate Name:

  • Move-In Move-Out Rental Checklist.

Additionally, they reduce the likelihood of security deposit disputes in the future. If you need to create your own property inspection checklist, you can browse the templates below to find the one suitable for you.

When you conduct a rental inspection walkthrough, always have both parties present, be as specific as you can while documenting the issues, take photos and videos of the property, and have the landlord and the tenant sign off all the recorded observations. Check off the items in good condition and note those that are not.

How to Fill Out a Rental Inspection Checklist?

Any inspection checklist must be filled out in the presence of the tenant. It documents the damage that existed before the occupancy and may be used as a reference to compare at the end of the tenant's occupancy. The checklist should include the following:

  1. Legal checks - working heating, electricity, water, and smoke alarms, safe access to escape routes.
  2. Tenancy agreement breaches - subletting, smoking, pets.
  3. Sanitation and health - anything that can be a health hazard (mold, faulty plumbing, blocked drains).
  4. The general condition of the furniture and equipment.

Apart from the rental inspection, you can order a professional examination of the property - a home inspection. It is a thorough visual examination of the residential dwelling, usually conducted by professional home inspectors that write a report on the house's electrical and plumbing systems, foundation, and structural components. A home inspection checklist is a valuable tool for sellers and buyers when it comes to real property transactions.



"Quarterly Rental Property Inspection Checklist Template"

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This template acts as a written statement prepared by a landlord to make an assessment of the condition of a residential or commercial property.

"Annual Rental Property Inspection Checklist Template"

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Size: 81 KB
8 pages

If you are a landlord, it is a good idea to conduct a yearly inspection of every property you manage and have this type of template handy to conduct the inspection.

"Rental Property Inspection Checklist Template"

Rate (4.6 / 5) 21 votes
Size: 73 KB
5 pages

The purpose of this template is to list all of the things that can be examined during the inventory of a house or a flat that is being rent out.

"Landlord-Tenant Checklist Template"

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Size: 84 KB
4 pages

"Rental Property Inspection Form"

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Size: 71 KB
1 page
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"Interior Home Inspection Checklist Template - Ilovetoknow"

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Size: 433 KB
3 pages
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"Exterior Home Inspection Checklist Template - Ilovetoknow"

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Size: 434 KB
3 pages
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