Security Deposit Receipt Template

Security Deposit Receipt Template

What Is a Security Deposit Receipt?

A Security Deposit Receipt is used by landlords when signing on a new tenant and a record of the security deposit payment needs to be made. This document will act as proof of payment by the renter and will also specify which financial institution is holding their money until the lease is terminated.

Additionally, it's a good idea for the landlord to provide a copy of the completed security deposit form to their tenant for record-keeping. A printable Security Deposit Receipt template can be download through the link below.


How to Write a Security Deposit Receipt?

To create your own Security Deposit Receipt, you will want to include the following information:

  1. A section with general information - the date when the lease begins, the tenant's name and contact information, the landlord's name and information, and the address of the property to be leased.
  2. The location where the funds have been deposited . Include the name and full address street of the financial institution where the funds will be held until the lease has been terminated.
  3. Amount of the security deposit and the account number . You will want to include the date the security deposit has been made and any additional information that would be needed for the account. The purpose of detailing this information is so that the tenant would be able to prove they provided the security deposit payment, should a dispute arise.
  4. Information detailing all terms of the agreement of the security deposit, including wording that it will not exceed the listed amount nor can any part of the security deposit be used as a payment for rent . The security deposit funds must also be returned to the tenant within forty-five days of terminating the lease, and you will want to include language stating that the landlord does have the right to use all or part of the security deposit to make repairs to the unit, including any furnishings, appliances, or plumbing or electrical work that exceeds normal wear and tear.
  5. Note that a landlord is not allowed to use funds to pay for normal wear and tear repairs . It is the duty of the landlord to also provide a detailed list of any and all repairs made to avoid future disputes. When the lease has been terminated, the tenant will also have the right to inspect the property with the landlord to ensure documentation is properly taken of the unit before the tenant returns the keys. Depending on state law, if the landlord refuses to comply with the above actions, the tenant may be awarded three times one month of rent plus any reasonable attorney fees.
  6. A final section that includes the signatures of the landlord and tenant , as well as their printed names, and the date the security deposit receipt is signed.

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