Plumbing Invoice Template

Plumbing Invoice Template

A Plumbing Invoice is an accounting tool used by plumbing businesses to inform their clients about the payment for the rendered services.

Alternate Names:

  • Plumber Invoice;
  • Plumbing Receipt Invoice.

Whether your customer had issues with the water heater, draining system, garbage disposal unit, or requests an installation of any of these pipes, you need to provide them with a receipt that shows the exact amount of money they owe you. Often used when the services are rendered before the payment is made, a Plumbing Invoice outlines the work of the plumber and sets a deadline for the payment to be sure the client fulfills their obligation. Besides, an invoicing system created online with the help of a software or maintained manually is required for businesses that want to keep track of the overdue payments and conduct an internal audit in anticipation of a potential external one.

You can download a Plumbing Invoice template via the link below.


How to Write a Plumbing Invoice?

Include the following Plumbing Invoice details when drafting a receipt that serves as proof of services provided and their price:

  1. Invoice number. Indicate a unique number on every outgoing invoice - if you are using software, it is possible to assign the identification number automatically. It will help you to monitor payments pending completion and quickly find records of a customer when they call you to receive consultation or file a complaint about the plumbing services they received.
  2. Names and addresses of the parties. The contact information of the customer may also include a billing address if a different person or company is paying for the plumbing services. It is also possible to add a logo of your business and other elements that help the invoice to stand out among similar documents but it is optional.
  3. List of services rendered. It is recommended to draw a table to show what services were provided and how long the plumber spent dealing with the issue or installing new parts and fixtures. Do not forget to mention the quantity and cost of materials that were used to finish the job. Calculate the total amount and write it down.
  4. Payment terms. Under the required amount of payment, you have to state the number of days or weeks the customer has to make their payment. You may warn them about fines and penalties that come into force in case of payment default and notify them of the exact sum of money they will have to pay as compensation. Record several methods of payment as well unless you have already determined the one convenient for both parties.
  5. Signature of the person responsible for completing the invoice and the date it was issued. Add these details before you send the Plumber Invoice to the client via e-mail or print it out to present it in person. Definitely keep a copy of the invoice for the company records and remind the customer of their debt if they avoid reaching out to you or directly paying within a reasonable period of time.

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