Handyman Contractor Invoice Template

Handyman Contractor Invoice Template

A Handyman Invoice is a document that is issued to a client by a handyman in order to receive a payment for work they have already completed or for a job that they are about to start working on.

Alternate Names:

  • Contractor Invoice;
  • Handyman Contractor Invoice;
  • Handyman Work Invoice.

The invoice will usually contain a detailed, broken-down list of all of the services provided by the handyman as well as any possible additional equipment that needed to be purchased or rented out in order to complete the job. The quantity of each service and product used will be specified along with the price per quantity and overall price, taking into account the quantity. Of course, the overall price for the whole job is also included.

A Handyman Invoice template can be downloaded by clicking the link below.


How to Make a Handyman Invoice?

Using an Invoice for Handyman Services has advantages for both clients and the contractor themselves. For clients, it allows them to visualize what specific things they are being charged for and avoids any disputes with the contractor. For the contractor, they are able to keep a record of the payments and will easily be able to identify clients that have not yet paid. It rules out the need of an accountant and by using an editable template that you can modify, it will save the contractor a lot of time as they will not have to create a new invoice from scratch every single time.

Making a Handyman Invoice is simple, particularly if you are using a template that you can edit to best reflect your business and the services that you offer. Make sure that you include the following information in your invoice:

  • Provide information about your business including the name of the company, your own name, the address, and a contact telephone number;
  • Provide information regarding the client - their name and address;
  • If you have a company logo you should include this at the top of the invoice which will give your invoice a more sophisticated and professional look;
  • Include a detailed list of all of the services, products, and equipment used in order to complete the job. In a separate column, you should state the quantity of each service or product along with the price per quantity;
  • Towards the end of the invoice, you should present a clear sum that the client needs to pay. If any deposits were involved, you should reflect these in the invoice.

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