Hotel Receipt Template

Hotel Receipt Template

What Is a Hotel Receipt?

A Hotel Receipt is created and handed over to a client after the client has fully paid for their stay in a hotel.

Alternate Name:

  • Hotel Bill Receipt.

The receipt should contain the final sum that the client has paid, taking into account any extra costs apart from and including the price of the room. Such information could include any minibar costs (if the guest did use the minibar), any extra food that was ordered, fees for using the hotel car park and any other services for which the customer will be charged. This of course is in addition to the usual information that can be found including the room type, duration of stay, and number of guests.

In order to create a unique Hotel Receipt, we would recommend using one of our available templates which will allow you to add a personalized touch to the receipt and make your hotel that extra bit more memorable. However, you must put in a lot of effort when creating your receipt so that your customers do not think you are issuing them a fake Hotel Receipt. Although this is not too common, unfortunately, it does happen. If your receipt doesn't contain the information described above, this should be an instant red flag.

A Hotel Receipt template can be downloaded by clicking the link below.


How to Make a Hotel Receipt?

Making a Hotel Receipt is extremely easy and can be a rather interesting task for a business. You have the opportunity to personalize the receipt using a blank Hotel Receipt which will reflect the specifics of your hotel business.

If you are looking to create your very own Hotel Receipt using a template, you have to be certain that it will contain all of the necessary information. This information is outlined below:

  • Note down the name of the hotel as well as the address;
  • If your hotel has a specific logo and/or slogan, be sure to include this in the receipt;
  • Leave room to include the name of the individual that has booked the room;
  • Provide contact details of the individual that placed the order on the room;
  • State the date of arrival as well as date of departure;
  • Specify the type of room the individual(s) stayed at as well as the number of the room;
  • Provide details regarding how many people were checked into the room;
  • State the rate for the room per night and the total nights that were spent there;
  • Include a unique invoice number which will make it easier for you to keep track of and record any payments;
  • Provide information on accepted payment conditions as well as the method of payment;
  • Provide a separate section for any additional services that are outside of the agreed package deal during the stay;
  • Include the overall final price that was paid for.

Remember that your receipt will also be the face of your business. The more time and effort you spend on it, the more professional it will look.

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