Key Receipt Template

Key Receipt Template

What Is a Key Receipt?

A Key Receipt is a form according to which a tenant has agreed that they have received keys to a property they rent and guarantee to return them to the landlord or property manager by a certain date or when the Lease Agreement expires and the rental period is over.

Alternate Names:

  • Tenant Key Receipt;
  • Key Receipt Acknowledgment Form.

The form is usually a one-page document that covers a few basic clauses and several secure statements, signed by the tenant and by the lessor, or just by the tenant. Sometimes a Tenant Key Receipt can be in addition to the Lease Agreement signed between the lessor and the tenant, however, it can also be compiled as a separate document.

A printable Key Receipt template will be provided beneath this text.


How to Make a Key Receipt?

To make a Key Receipt form a few basic clauses should be included in it:

  1. Tenant's Personal Information. Start with the person who received the keys - state the tenant's full name, phone number, and address.
  2. Property Information. Give the full address of the rented property. Describe it, stating the floor, part of the building, etc.
  3. Lessor's Personal Information. State the name, phone number, and address of the person to whom the keys should be returned. If you want the keys to be returned to a different address, it should be mentioned here as well.
  4. Number of Keys. State the number of keys given to the tenant and the date when they are supposed to be returned. Mention if mailbox keys (or garage door remote controls) or any other keys are being handed to the tenant as well.

After covering the basic information in the Key Receipt Acknowledgment Form, it is necessary to put in several statements that will secure the rights of the landlord or property manager:

  1. The tenant ensures that no duplicates will be cut without the permission of the landlord. It is necessary to include this statement in order to make sure that nobody else will have access to the property.
  2. The tenant must pay all costs for re-keying and replacing locks if the keys are not returned in the time stated in the Key Receipt.
  3. The tenant will make sure that the rented property to which the key provides access is secure upon leaving the property.
  4. Tenant guarantees to notify the landlord if the key is lost and agrees to pay any fees. If the key is lost, the tenant must cover the price of new locks.
  5. The tenant agrees to pay for the existing locks and the locks in question, if for any reason and at any time the tenant changes the locks without the written permission of the lessor.

A Tenant Key receipt is an important document that gives a landlord full security and helps to avoid any misunderstandings. Unfortunately, many landlords forget about this form when it comes to the lease, but when it is compiled accurately it can save a great deal of hardship. Having a Key receipt form on file is a good way to make sure that all communication with a tenant is clear and legally documented.

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