Car Rental Receipt Template

Car Rental Receipt Template

What Is a Car Rental Receipt?

A Car Rental Receipt is a written document prepared to confirm a person or organization has paid for renting a car. This simple receipt should contain the basic description of the vehicle, the terms of payment, and the personal details of the individual responsible for the car. Whether you are planning a road trip, need a temporary replacement for the car that is repaired at the moment, or your company wishes to provide an employee with the vehicle they need to fulfill their job duties, a rental receipt will serve as proof the financial transaction was finalized. Besides, a receipt of this kind is necessary if you need to certify the expenses for tax purposes.

You can find a Car Rental Receipt template below. To be considered valid, a receipt has to contain the following information:

  1. Date of issuance and the number of the receipt.
  2. Identification of the parties - the car rental company and the individual or entity that rents the vehicle.
  3. Description of the vehicle - at a minimum, add its identification number, make, model, year, color, and registration number. If the parties want, the odometer reading can be indicated as well.
  4. Cost of a rental car and the number of days, weeks, or months this car will be in the possession of the driver. State the payment method and confirm the money was received in full.
  5. Name of the rental agent and their signature.

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