Vehicle Safety Inspection Checklist Template

Vehicle Safety Inspection Checklist Template

A Vehicle Safety Inspection Checklist is a document that can be used when an individual would like to have their vehicle inspected. The purpose of the document is to remind the inspector to check all of the vehicle's systems, as well as collect information about the vehicle's condition.

Alternate Name:

  • Vehicle Inspection Checklist.

Vehicle owners are supposed to have their vehicles examined regularly. Drivers should not only check their vehicle every time before using it, but they also have to take it to a car repair shop for a checkup every two years (the period of time before the next checkup can vary depending on how old is the car, whether the vehicle is for private or commercial use, etc.).

The content of the checklist can be determined by different aspects that can include the type of vehicle that is being examined, how much time passed since the last vehicle inspection, the vehicle's manufacturer, and more. A Vehicle Inspection Checklist template can be downloaded below.

Generally, the information in a vehicle checklist can be roughly divided into the following parts:

  1. Vehicle Information . This part of the Vehicle Inspection Checklist is supposed to be used to designate information about the vehicle that will be examined.
  2. Vehicle Owner Information . Here, the owner is supposed to designate their name, address, and contact details.
  3. Examination's Details . For convenience, this part of the checklist is divided into several sections, each one of them is dedicated to different vehicle systems.
  4. Inspector's Signature and Date . After the inspector has performed the vehicle examination they are supposed to fill in the checklist and sign it.

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  • Vehicle Safety Inspection Checklist Template