Vehicle Maintenance Log Template

Vehicle Maintenance Log Template

What Is a Vehicle Maintenance Log?

A Vehicle Maintenance Log is a record of the repair work and condition of an individual vehicle. Whether you are a small business or large transport operator, this document is useful for you to carry out maintenance and safety, just as for recordkeeping. Generally, it documents maintenance work, costs, and general inspection checks. A properly drafted log reduces critical downtime, manages maintenance costs, supports insurance claims, promotes driver safety, and reveals unnecessary repair costs so you can adjust them.

Alternate Names:

  • Vehicle Maintenance Monitoring Sheet;
  • Vehicle Maintenance Record Sheet.

Like a Gas Mileage Log and a Mileage Calculator, it can be used to collect reimbursement from an employer. Additionally, an employer that owns more than one vehicle will be able to compare logs and see vehicles with higher maintenance costs than others. If you need a printable Vehicle Maintenance Log, you may download a ready-made document through the link below.


How to Log Your Vehicle Maintenance Schedule?

To implement an effective Vehicle Maintenance Log, you need to:

  1. Record only essential information. Indicate important vehicle details - car make and model, vehicle identification number, and insurance information. Document in full detail maintenance, inspections, and repairs and indicate the individual who conducted them, date of completion, and current mileage numbers. Register the current mileage reading in an Odometer Disclosure Statement if you want to sell your car. And if you want, you can create a separate Vehicle Inspection Checklist. If a vehicle was involved in an accident, take note of all the damages, repair costs, and spare parts.

  2. Schedule frequent maintenance inspections. It is possible to schedule periodical maintenance to ensure information is recorded regularly. Ensure communication with relevant people who are assigned to perform the inspection. You need a new Vehicle Maintenance Log template to keep track of the maintenance schedule:

    • Short-term check-ups. Inspect coolant and oil levels, engine air filter, tire pressure, headlights, turn signals, and parking lights;
    • Long-term check-ups. Check transmission fluid, transfer case fluid, spark plugs, coolant fluid exchange, and serpentine belt;
    • Seasonal check-ups. Replace windshield wipers, check battery performance, change tires, and check coolant levels.
  3. Take photos of the vehicle's condition. Photos give visibility and help build evidence to support cost estimates and required repair work. If you file an insurance claim, photo evidence is essential in the event of poor maintenance.

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