Road Test Score Sheet Template

Road Test Score Sheet Template

Road Test Score Sheet: What Is It?

A Road Test Score Sheet refers to a written statement completed by the driving instructor that evaluates the performance of an individual trying to obtain a driver's license.

Alternate Name:

  • Driving Test Score Sheet.

After you successfully passed your knowledge test, also known as a theory test, you will be able to show your driving skills to the examiner who sits next to you as a passenger and observes your ability to drive the vehicle safely. The instructor will see how well you can apply the rules you have learned so far, follow their instructions quickly, and answer their questions about the road signs or steps you need to take during a certain action on the road.

Despite the differences between state laws, generally, the examiner is expected to award points when you are accomplishing something or dock points when you make a mistake - in either instance, there is a maximum amount of points you have to reach or evade which will signify you have passed or failed the test.

A Driving Test Score Sheet template can be downloaded below.


How to Read a Driving Test Score Sheet?

Whether you are working for the Department of Motor Vehicles and want to improve the contents of the driving test or you are analyzing your own performance, here is what the Road Test Score Sheet usually includes:

  1. General information about the form. This document must be properly titled and indicate the criteria for the driving instructor to adhere to - for example, the driver can afford to make a certain amount of mistakes in one of the sections. It is also essential to write down the date of the text, the route pre-approved by the office that oversees the implementation of driving tests, the name of the driving instructor and their license number, and the identification of the individual applying for a driver's license.
  2. Pre-drive checklist. This section of the form confirms the car is safe to drive and the driver took care of the vehicle prior to getting behind the wheel. The driver is supposed to make sure there is nothing around the car that may damage it, the tires are inflated, the windows are clean, the seat and the wheel are adjusted, and the seat belts are used correctly.
  3. Performance of the driver. Usually the largest part of the score sheet, it helps the examiner to assess how well you know the car features, turn and brake, approach intersections and merge into traffic, react to road signs and anticipate difficulties on the road, maintain and adjust the speed, and keep a safe distance between your car and other vehicles.
  4. Driver's behavior. The instructor is obliged to see if the driver is feeling comfortable in the car when stopping, changing the lane, accelerating, and controlling the vehicle.
  5. Evaluation result. Filled out after the driving session is over, this small field records the number of errors the person committed and certifies whether the test was passed or the driver has failed to get the minimum points required.

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