Yahtzee Score Sheet Template

Yahtzee Score Sheet Template

Yahtzee Score Sheet: What Is It?

A Yahtzee Score Sheet is an informal record of points scored in Yahtzee, a popular probability game.

Alternate Name:

  • Yahtzee Score Card.

Whether you are playing alone trying to break your records or having a fun time with your family and friends, a table that contains detailed information about the combinations you managed to score will allow you to quickly count the points and determine the final score or name a winner.

A fillable Yahtzee Score Card template can be downloaded below.


How Do You Score in Yahtzee?

Follow our guide to learn more about the rules of Yahtzee and the most efficient way to fill out a Score Card for Yahtzee:

  1. Opt for a digital score card saving the details of every game so that later you will compare different scores and see if you were able to improve your Yahtzee technique. Besides, if you are using an electronic spreadsheet instead of a traditional printed out or hand-drawn Yahtzee Score Card template, the calculations can be done quicker and you can make time to play another game with your companions.
  2. Draw a table with two parts - upper and lower sections. The columns may represent the rounds or games or several players taking part in the game. While the amount of points you get in every round and after every try depends on the rules you choose to adhere to, usually, the objective of the player is to go from easier challenges to more difficult ones. Initially, you are supposed to get aces, twos, threes, fours, fives, and sixes. Every player gets a minimum of three attempts to throw the dice and write down the result they like the most on the score sheet - throw all five dice at the same time whether you use a cup or just do it with your hand. Usually, the player scores more than 63 points in order to get a bonus - 35 points. Once you are done with this portion of the game, indicate the total score.
  3. Take it to the next level and complete the second part of the scorecard. See if you are able to roll the dice and get three or four same values, score a full house (it means the combined value of the dice is 25 points), or luck out with a straight (for instance, you throw the dice and get five different values in numerical order). Although it is more challenging, you also get three attempts for every task.
  4. Roll the dice to score the Yahtzee - the most difficult thing to do. All the dice have to be the same number and will give the player 50 points. In case you do it more than once, you get a bonus of 100 more points. Use the opportunity to get one more score and record your result in the chance box. After that, you may calculate your final score and see if you did better than other players.

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