Car Sales Receipt Template

Car Sales Receipt Template

What Is a Car Sales Receipt?

A Car Sales Receipt is a formal document provided to the purchaser of the vehicle to prove the payment was made in part or in full.

Alternate Name:

  • Vehicle Sales Receipt.

The purpose of this legal instrument is to acknowledge the transfer of the car from one party to the other and confirm the money exchanged hands. Mostly used by private individuals that want to make sure the terms of the sale are properly recorded, a personal Car Sales Receipt protects the interests of both parties: the previous owner is able to describe the vehicle and its condition at the time of the transaction safeguarding themself from potential disputes and disagreements while the new owner obtains a legally binding document that demonstrates partial or full payment took place.

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How to Write a Sales Receipt for a Car?

Follow these steps to draft a Sales Receipt for a Car:

  1. Write down the actual date of sale and identify the parties to the deal. At a minimum, the receipt should contain your full names and mailing addresses. Since most transactions of this nature involve private individuals, it is advised to add driver's license numbers to the text of the receipt as well.
  2. Describe the car that is being transferred. You need to state its identification number, registration number, make, model, year, and color. If there are any specifications or enhancements that were added to the vehicle after the seller bought it in the first place, they should be mentioned in the document.
  3. List the terms of payment. Traditionally, the payment is made in full and it is recorded in writing - the seller confirms they received the money via a chosen method of payment. However, it is also possible to write the deposit clause and draw a payment schedule in the event the buyer cannot pay the full price right away.
  4. Sign the document. If the parties agree, they can book an appointment with a notary public who will verify their identities and put a notary seal on the receipt acknowledging the transaction.

How to Write a Sales Receipt for a Used Car?

While a Used Car Sales Receipt is quite similar to a regular receipt, there are some characteristics that make it different due to the vehicle's condition. Here are some tips you may use when composing a Sales Receipt for a Used Car and formalizing the deal:

  1. Consider hiring a qualified specialist who will inspect the used car before the transaction is finalized. While this is not a necessary step for any sale involving a brand new vehicle, obtaining a clean inspection report will increase the buyer's confidence and they will agree to other terms offered by the seller even if they had doubts prior to the inspection performed by a professional mechanic. Determine who is going to pay for the pre-sale inspection and briefly mention its findings in the receipt.
  2. Truthfully describe the condition of the vehicle on the day you are signing the papers. While the new car does not have to mention the mileage, the odometer reading is of particular importance for every pre-owned vehicle. The number of miles it shows will let the purchaser know the amount of wear and tear of the sold item indicating the potential durability of the vehicle, and the higher the mileage, the lower the price, so make sure the receipt mentions this characteristic.
  3. In the majority of cases, a private seller is unable to provide any guarantees or warranties for the pre-owned car, especially if it was used for long years before the transfer of title. The receipt must contain the acknowledgment of the buyer who confirms they are accepting the vehicle without any expressed or implied representations or warranties.

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